Shade Concept


Inspired by the bicycle basket of Almira Gulch, I’m happily exploring different size weavers on the 1/16-inch paper spokes loom. (Wait, please click the link. Years ago I had a boyfriend who would hum this song whenever he thought I was being too crabby. It still makes me smile.)

Anyway. This is made with eighth-inch weavers. The shade is 1.5 inches in diameter, supported by two interior rims, cut from cardboard and covered in cardstock.


Here you can see the intriguing patterns cast when light shines through the structure. Considering that the flat weave is made from two rectangular shapes, the effects of layering and light are interesting. (I don’t know why my thumb looks like a misshapen grub.)


I’m also working a 3/32-inch weave. That’s one less than an eighth. Finer.


Hard to compare the eighth-inch weave because of the curvature, but maybe squint your eyes? Don’t yet know which I prefer.


Light shining through. So pretty! I see now that I’d move the lower rim to the very bottom of the shade. Undecided if additional trim is warranted. Next I will fiddle with a top thingy to channel the wires (I picture this as a hanging lamp). Don’t think I’ll mess at all with a harp, as it all seems so particular to the kind of bulb one is using.

Lightists, now is when I would *love* if you’d chime in and tell me all the things I’m missing and should consider. I’m just here watching the Miss Gulch clip a few more times :)

6 thoughts on “Shade Concept

  1. Barbara W. says:

    That music gave me nightmares! The lamp is lovely although, after watching the link, I may need a night light sized one.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      *chuckles* So sorry, Barbara! My conditioning is/was, no matter how angry I was/am, that particular music always makes me smile. (I know I’m not like other people.) However, flying monkeys are still the worst. Well maybe not as bad as the Cenobites in “Hellraiser”. We need not go on.
      Anyway! I can do the shade, if others can want to do the electrics. It’s a discussion! How lighting keeps the monsters at bay.
      Unless one lives on a bay. Then you’re on your own.

  2. Bennie says:

    Very cute! I can see that hanging over a casual living room setting or a ‘Florida’ room. Also, maybe make a thin/tall one for a floor lamp??

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Bennie. I’m actually working on a half-circle wall sconce than could have a few applications. Stained oak or cherry, they would look great indoors, in a bedroom or library. But stained ebony or painted black, they resemble iron. I haven’t yet tried aluminum or bronze finishes… the thing is, I have zero interest in doing the electrics :/ But the shades are/will be beautiful!

  3. pepper says:

    I think this is another great idea for the basket weave. Love the pattern the light makes and the shape. How are you supporting the wire? I’ve tried harps in my lights but it can be a pain to get it central so the shade hangs evenly.
    I would love to see this technique used in sculptural floor lamps too :0)

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