*While we patiently await documentable evidence of more substantive progress, behold, teleportation!

Scarlett: I can’t even make eye contact with you, no matter how many sounds you make.
Nancy: I know. That’s why you should get down right now, of your own accord.
Scarlett: But then I would have to admit defeat.
Nancy: It’s not a contest. I have already lost.
Scarlett: Maybe if you could just look away.
Nancy: Fine. I’ll just go sit over there.


Scarlett: Fine. It’s pretty boring in here anyway. Also, the lighting is all askew. And the shelves are empty.

Scarlett: Can you just go to the bathroom or refill your drink or something while I make my exit? I feel self-conscious.
Nancy: You don’t have a whole lot of choices…
Nancy: Fine.


Nancy: You made the right choice.
Scarlett: I’m very, very tired now.
Nancy: I’m sure you are. Teleportation is exhausting.

*Translation: I’ve been making stuff, but am happy with none of it.

5 thoughts on “Teleportation

  1. Nancy Bristow says:

    Ha Ha…very entertaining ~ because sweet Scarlett is not walking around on my miniatures. Bless her little heart. Meanwhile I’m lusting after your workroom. :)

  2. Bennie says:

    Aaack! I’d be in a panic that she would damage the adorable creation you made. I’m glad she got out okay and the hut is now safe and sound.

  3. Sheila says:

    This was so entertaining that I promptly emailed the link to my husband. Of course his first comment is ‘She’s so pretty!’. Men.

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