Albie, Yucca, Frustration


This is Albie, absorbing the morning sun through the studio sliding doors. Our large middle cat, he is a handsome warm inky black, and very difficult to photograph. This one has zero interest in destroying miniatures.


Re-working the Modern Miniature Succulents + Sundries set a bit. I built a corner planter for specimens, and glued in one yucca tree with the new, narrower leaves. For the rest, I want to keep the plantings fluid and easy to change out, so I devised a kind of armature on the stalks of rolled brown paper for elevation. They are planted to the floor with tacky wax.


Here’s how it looks planted out, and with other plants massed around, like a typical nursery.


Still experimenting with colorways on the different stocks. This is the original shape leaf cluster in medium green, with leaf and pine markers. After the glue is set, the leaves are separated and arrayed.


Here is a similar leaf cluster, scored down the middle with the back of an Xacto knife. it makes it into a whole other plant.


Here they are side-by-side. So much potential!

And now for the frustration rant: Cricut has released a new version of their Design Space app that has inexplicably broken my SVG files — the format for my drawings used to cut all these shapes. I have been in close contact with their support staff for the last two weeks, but no answers, fixes or workarounds yet. I even abandoned Firefox for Google Chrome. It is all very tedious, time wasting and — frustrating.

11 thoughts on “Albie, Yucca, Frustration

  1. Keli says:

    Oh my, scoring the leaves gave them personality. Too sexy for my stalk, too sexy for my pot, too sexy…

    Albie looks very content. I bet Albie snuggles after tech support calls would be a great stress reliever. Good luck with your issue.

    A bit of unsolicited advice from someone in a tech industry…

    Ask for their escalation protocol, make sure you’re talking to a higher tier tech with more knowledge and experience; if you are starting over with a new ticket and a new first tier tech every time you call you’re not going to get anywhere. I am betting that rebooting your computer, changing your browser, clearing your cache, etc, is not going to solve your problem no matter how many times you do it. Ask for a ticket number, refer to that ticket number every time you call, keep adding information and age to that ticket, escalate that ticket, and don’t let them close it until the problem is fixed. Ask if they’ve consulted the programmers, or if you can talk to them directly. Be firm, persistent, and frequent. Most importantly be nice, remain calm, and thank whoever you are speaking to (by name) for their effort. You just need to find the right person…

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Keli! Most proper yuccas have flat leaves. After another neighborhood walk, I determined to make them longer and thinner, especially for the tree varieties. But the scored leaves look so good! Today I’m going to experiment with scoring from the base just half-way.
      Thanks, too, for the escalation protocol advice. I’m ready again this morning to escalate the gosh out of it.

  2. Bennie says:

    They all look fantastic and realistic! Sorry about your frustration. Albie looks sweet in the sun, can I join him?

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Protocol for this particular sun spot is that there can be only one, especially when the curtains are drawn over it, making it into a toasty sun fort.
      So glad you are like the yucca progress. They pair well with succulents, too!

  3. Sheila says:

    Awww… Sunsoaker kitty… looks so comfy.

    Love your yuccas and I’m sorry about your frustrations with Cricut. Keli’s right though, a higher level tech should be of more help and keeping the ticket open is a huge deal. You end up with a notebook of names, dates and discussions but at least you don’t have to start over again every time you call.

  4. Nancy Bristow says:

    I, too, love all the yuccas.

    Perhaps Albie can teach Scarlet proper respect for all your miniatures ~ ha ha.

    As far as your Cricut frustration…I feel your pain as I’m sure others do regardless of specific issue when trying to get some “insanity” corrected. Good advice about the “highest level of tech” and an “open ticket” and while I can agree to remaining civil with the tech, I never let management try to talk me in circles or ask me to jump through 99 hoops for what is clearly a programming glitch that has nothing to do with me. I simply continue asking how soon will the problem be fixed. AND, if I need to vent with the tech, I do so without blaming them, until I feel like they thoroughly understand the issue. When I finally get in touch with the right person, the problem does eventually get resolved. Meanwhile, I keep a bucket of water nearby because I never know what level of stupidity I might be dealing with and when my hair might catch on fire. Yes, I’m old and cynical and have years of experience with these kinds of scenarios. TICK TOCK.

    I would bet my last dollar that you are not the only one to have issues when changing from the old Cricut app to the new one. I would ask how many other Cricut owners are experiencing this problem and how was it resolved?

    Please keep us posted on your progress and I’ll hold good thoughts that it’s in the very near future. Ohmmmmmmmmmm. Namaste.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Ha ha is right, Nancy. I try not to anthropomorphize cats too much, but Scarlett is in such a cliché teenage phase just now noone may teach here anything :)
      The Cricut problem affects my business as well as my hobby, so I am very *very* keen on learning a solution, without being an asshat.
      Appreciate your encouragement!

  5. elizabeth s says:

    Nancy your yuccas are sensational and I cannot get over how you have started with simple succulents and have progressed with the more complex varieties, all in such a brief bit of time. All I can say is WOW! :D

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth! Design exploration and development is my favorite part of the making process, and not being on a deadline or budget is a welcome relief from my usual work :)
      So glad you like them!

  6. Jodi Hippler says:

    Frustrations aside, your yucca progress is great! Very authentic!
    I can hardly use the Cricut without frustration. The new Design Space often seems to lose communication with my machine while in the cutting process. Call me old fashioned, but I would like a software version which is not web and wifi dependent.
    And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

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