Boo Cricut and Provo Craft & Novelty

Nancy Enge: Please refer to cases 213040 and 222318
*** Akash joined the chat ***
Akash: Hi Nancy!
Nancy Enge: Hello Akash!
Akash: May I know if you’re trying to upload svg images ?
Nancy Enge: Yes. I can upload them, but new ones are appearing scrambled in Design Space
Nancy Enge: May I know what your escalation protocol is, please?
Akash: Yes I understand it. As of now we have some issue in Design Space with the svg images and we are aware of it and the development is working on it to fix the issue.
Nancy Enge: I am not happy with how this issue is being dealt with.
Akash: Till then please use any .jpg images.
As of now there is no troubleshooting for svg images, as this is a technical issue in Design Space software.
Nancy Enge: JPEG images do not support score lines, that I am aware of
Nancy Enge: I’m sure this must be difficult for you as well :)
Akash: I am sorry but as of now svg image has some issues.
Nancy Enge: I am sorry, too.
Nancy Enge: When may we expect a fix?
Akash: It will be in couple of days as they are working on High priority on this but we do not have the exact date.
Nancy Enge: How will you let your customers know of the fix?
Akash: I am sorry, they are not releasing any information in website, I suggest you to please try after somedays and if that doesn’t work then please contact us again so that we will give you the update.
Nancy Enge: I see. I appreciate your help, here, Akash.
Akash: You’re Welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Nancy Enge: It’s bad manners for Cricut to release new software with such a crippling bug.
Nancy Enge: No, thank you.
Akash: I really understand your frustration and I will share this feedback to the concerned team.
Nancy Enge: Thank you, Akash.
Akash: You can visit our YouTube Channel to view over a hundred helpful and inspiring videos.

Please click on “Options > End this chat” to close this chat,
and feel free to chat with us again if you need further assistance.
Have a great day!
Nancy Enge: Likewise.
Akash: Thank you!

14 thoughts on “Boo Cricut and Provo Craft & Novelty

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Honestly, until this point I have been very happy with the machine and the software app, and I fully intend to keep using it once the problem is fixed. I just think they made a big mistake releasing an upgrade with such a fail bug, and have done a poor job in communicating.

  1. Bennie says:

    I like how he suggested you check out their online videos, yeah, that will fix your problem for a few days, maybe distract you for a few days :p

  2. azteclady says:

    Ugh, that’s…neither very satisfactory nor very informative. I hope they do release the fix within the timeline, but it’s really poor customer service to put the onus on the customer to check, again and again, whether it’s been fixed or not.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Yes. I recognize that the majority of Cricut customers probably do not upload their own SVG design files, but that capability is the only reason I bought the machine…
      But at least I know that it’s them and not me now :)

  3. Barbara W. says:

    That sort of lengthy and unhelpful discussion with a service provider makes my blood pressure do bad things. I hope the issues are soon resolved – the new plants are spectacular!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Barbara. I am really enjoying making them!
      I actually feel bad for outsourced customer service, who bear the confusion and wrath of callers with only a limited script of responses (provided by marketing and legal departments) available to them. I give a check-minus to Cricut for releasing obviously buggy software prematurely, and letting their outlier customers do their quality control.

  4. Kat says:

    That’s so frustrating!! While I feel for the agent, Cricut should do better by customers then a wait and see….and wait some more.

    If they haven’t fixed it by your next call, tighten the screws! Escalate and repeatedly ask for some type of compensation (like a credit). If you’re willing to be annoying long enough on a chat, eventually they will cave just to get rid of you. Not that I’ve done that sort of thing before……..;)

  5. Nancy Bristow says:

    Good grief…my hair was on fire when I finished reading that particular dialog. I think all companies use the same script. The last one I dealt with was the gas company…they upgraded their software and obviously didn’t test it thoroughly first ~ there were “bill pay” issues for OVER A YEAR. I kid you not. I had some very intense conversations with the gas company over that issue but just know, I had to be having a “strong” day in order to deal. I would end each conversation with “no bill,” “no pay.”

    It was unbelievable situation. I had been paying this company every month, on time, for the previous 16 years. After the first lie about the problem being fixed, I cut them no slack. I certainly hope you have a much better outcome and much faster. I agree with Kat, I would ask them where you should send your invoice for lost business. You already know the answer of course…to the president of the company…but you’re making a statement!

    Other than that, I think you should have a refreshing beverage, pet your kitties and watch the sunset. :) Keep us posted…it’s good to vent.

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