Same As It Ever Was


The late night sorties continue, despite my best defenses.


This just made me laugh out loud; she so looks like Alice in Wonderland/Grace Slick doing “One pill makes you larger, and…”


Zilly and Stormy continue to meet up after work, and are really enjoying getting to know one another. Here they are, chatting away, sitting on what I refer to as the “floral footstools of anxiety”. It’s got nothing to do with them, and is a story for perhaps another time? The fabric, however, is fabulous: “London Calling” from Studio RK for Robert Kaufman. I want to reupholster everything in it.


For my birthday I purchased a set of lenses for my iPhone from Photojojo. I’ve not had much time to purposely explore them — it’s not even quite my birthday yet— but here are a few snapshots.


I was most interested in the macro and telephoto, but could not resist the fisheyes and filter lenses. Above is EC01 Echeveria, looking fabulous larger than miniature life-size.


These are very lively moss flowers, less than a half-inch tall, growing on the backyard retaining wall, as seen through the macro lens. Who know spores had EYES?!


And here is either the fisheye or super fisheye, good for laughs and turning one’s home into a hobbit-hole. In the foreground are the lens boxen. I heartily recommend!


I’m about to go south, and then north, for a couple of days. I wrote and photographed the instructions and listing for the first of the MMS+S Office Essentials, in colorway “Warm” today, but will hold off actually listing them at MMS+S until I return and have a chance to kit and document the whole series.

The south part is to my family in Santa Cruz, and the north part is to a *very* special tour my delightful husband has managed to arrange, of a very special archive of amazing artifacts, all housed on a fairyland ranch that is so sprawling and gorgeous it takes one’s breath away. (And/or, is typically Northern Californian.) Happy birthday to me, and all the March babies!

11 thoughts on “Same As It Ever Was

  1. Keli says:

    Oh, Scarlett. She’s just too pretty to be mad at for long, isn’t she?

    Love that fabric, and the camera lenses are super cool. I’ve still got the big screw on lenses I used to use on my Fuji, before it bit the dust. They are only good for weighting down paper now. I need to find a home for them.

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your family time and your trip North. Take lots of pictures. :D

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Keli! I too love the fabric! I got it as a remnant; otherwise I may have purchased the entire bolt.
      Sadly for the internet, on the tour I am allowed to take photos, but strictly forbidden is posting online :/ So mean.

  2. Pepper says:

    The second pic of Scarlet looks so weird the way she’s squeezing herself through the building. Bless her, I can’t help smiling even though she’s being naughty :0D Lovin’ the colours you’ve chosen for the office supplies. Have a lovely Birthday :0)x

  3. Barbara W. says:

    Naughty cat! The little footstools are lovely. Somewhere in the depths of my closet I have a Robert Kaufman sweater from the 80s. (Odd to think I have clothes older than some of the staff at work.) I hope you take many, many photos while on the magical mystery tour. Have a splendiferous birthday!

  4. Nancy Bristow says:

    Clearly I will be buying some of your file folder holder kits because mine do not look as nice as yours! Surely it must be the paper versus operator problem;) HA. Have a great trip and super birthday. You are most tolerant of Ms. naughty Scarlett having her way in your miniatures…it honestly makes me cringe but maybe because I’m biased…for years my pet was a 5 pound yorkie and she couldn’t get to my miniatures.;) Oh, and I love your new camera lens. Yowza~

  5. Keli says:

    I thought I had rid myself of the ear worm, not that the Talking Heads are a bad earworm, but saw this posts on another blog’s sidebar blog roll, and now it’s back.

    My God! What have I done?

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