The new issue of the newsletter Cut, Fold + Make just went out and I forgot to harangue you to subscribe, if you’ve not already done so. There’s a complementary 1:12 scale vertical file holder template, as well as some inspirational and obscure links of creative goodness. Don’t make my imaginary business coach scold me.

It’s chilly nights here in coastal Northern California— as is seasonally appropriate — and Scarlett is taking comfort as she finds it, in recently vacated slippers.

4 thoughts on “Yikes

  1. Keli says:

    One of Ester’s favorite games when she was young was wine cork in slipper. She’d practically squirm her whole body into Husband’s slippers chasing the cork. Once she got the cork out she’d pick it up with her teeth, put it in the other slipper, push it down to the toe with her paw, sit up, glance left, glance right, then go after it again. Good memories. :)

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