B: Blade, Funk Protocols, Wheelie, Weavings!


B is for BLADE: X-Acto X-Life No. 11, on an old silver-plated tea tray that lives outdoors atop my worm compost bin. Hmmm, maybe I should have saved this for X. Megan and over-achiever Keli, I’m looking at you.

Thank you for sharing your funk wisdom and protocols. I laughed, and cried a little, and felt deeply how truly kind you all are. It was helpful, and energizing. Some of my takeaways:

“Give it a little time and some sun; sun will break up a funk like nobody’s business.”

“Keep breathing through, keep walking, keep looking out and seeing that unexpected beauty, accepting that unasked for kindness.”

“Having something to look forward to helps me to make the transition from funk to functional. Be kind to yourself.”


“Bring the Funk! (Dance!)”

“I know from experience that once in it, you just have to ride it out to the end… usually they’re just passing through.”
—Elizabeth S

“Every day is different, life is a wave, happily!”

“First I have to recognize The Funk. That always seems to take longer than it should.”

“Hang in there, I have faith in you that we’ll see more wonderful creations. And get that cat out of your beautiful, tiny house!”

“… I also find doing a kit, following someone else’s instructions helps me to, at the least, get back a sense of accomplishment.”

“Take this time to pause and reflect, but trust your instincts.”
—Barbara W.


So Wheelie and I went to look at the waves and do salt air aromatherapy for a while, to “take it all in and savor the goodness”.


I returned home to find this brilliant rendition of the Toto2 picnic basket kit that ShelleyB was kind enough to share. This changes everything! and we’ve been pinging ideas back and forth. She says the proportions and shape of this basket makes good storage containers, with or without lids, and wondered if a kit of three might be made available. Maybe a taller version, too, as a laundry hamper? I can’t wait to get out some graph paper and chart monograms.

Also, I have not forgotten or given up on the protea flower kit. Really.

11 thoughts on “B: Blade, Funk Protocols, Wheelie, Weavings!

  1. Keli says:

    You have a silver tray on your worm compost bin. That made me smile.

    Glad you took us, your clan, for a walk with you and Wheelie today, so to speak. The sky looks a lovely blue.

    Yay, Shelley! Pretty designs. I like the laundry hamper idea…I suspect it will need a solid piece of cardstock as an inside liner, for support.

    • Shelleybweb says:

      HI Keli,
      A round laundry hamper based on Nancy’s round basket if woven in plain weave is self standing at 2 inches with a 1/4 inch back seam glued with Tacky glue. The upper interior and exterior rims maintain its shape. A rectangular hamper will need to use a bigger base than the Toto2 as that size is too narrow when 2 inches tall to be functional.

      • Nancy Enge says:

        Interesting! You have been an inquisitive weaver :)
        A larger rectangular base for a taller basket will result in a better-looking basket as well. Thanks, Shelley!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      The silver tray helps keep the raccoons out of the bin; I don’t know, sort of like vampires or something?
      You, my clan guys, have made a big warm ring around me, more than just shared interests :) The sky was a lovely blue yesterday, and today a blustery gray, flinging rain. Wheelie doesn’t do wet.
      I, too, am stoked on Shelley’s ideas, and it will be an easy mod to kit up. Yay for easy.

  2. Megan says:

    I was already thinking about that difficult X. Fortunately I live in Africa. We have Xhosas as well as proteas! I take first dibs on the Xhosa (ethnic group similar to Zulu, so that takes care of X and Z in one fell swoop. Of course, we have zebras too…).

  3. Fran says:

    Oh, Nancy, I do feel your funk (and, perhaps, glimmerings of leaving it behind?). Something I learned some time ago, under very different circumstances, is to recognize your achievements in ordinary, everyday things. You got up today, you got dressed, you fed your cats . . . all of these and many more are accomplishments. Not creative, perhaps, but tasks successfully completed. Without realizing it, we are all, daily, checking off achievements on a list of living. Sometimes, that’s enough, and we should let ourselves acknowledge it. Take care.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Leaving the funk behind, indeed, Fran :) And hello! We’ve missed you.
      I hear the truth in your words. A very good and important reminder.
      Also, my cats would infernally bug me, each in their individual way, if I failed to keep the feeding routine. I’ve tried :)

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