Two for C



Old school:
Listening: “Haunted By Waters” from A River Runs Through It —Mark Isham
Reading: The Largesse of the Sea Maiden —Denis Johnson

6 thoughts on “Two for C

  1. Keli says:

    I am losing faith in Merriam.

    The red spines on the cactus are very straightforward. “I am spiny, please be careful.” I like that in a cactus.

  2. Sheila Lester says:


    See my brain automatically goes C is for cat. Then it’s a matter of choosing one of the five to pose, or whichever one is sitting still will be the cat for the day. Photography and cats don’t go well together in my world.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      My brain too, but cats are over-represented here :)
      It’s part of the fun of this challenge, to think of a letter-word I want to photograph or draw. Or just hold the letter in mind, and see what turns up throughout the course of the day.
      Five is a lot of cats <3

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