Sensational Travel Journals

Oscar Wilde wrote, “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.”


In that spirit, the OE Travel Journals kits are available over at MMS+S. There are two kit options listed, and one secret option at hand. The two listed options are for three blank journals, or one road atlas and two blank journals. I’ve made a video of the secret option:

YES. It is a secret gatefold pages option for both the sketchbooks and the travel journals. They work well with the single pages and maps, and are fun besides. Just add a note when ordering and I’ll include as many as you like with your kit/s, until I’m able to list them properly. Though they won’t be secret anymore, they’ll still be fun.

Production notes: If you like quiet page-turning fx, turn your sound on. The alarming bandage: I bashed my poor knuckle on a boulder rock emptying a cement bird bath. I tried to keep it out of the frame, but it’s like it has a mind of its own.

12 thoughts on “Sensational Travel Journals

  1. elizabeth s says:

    I LOVE your photo of “mr. lazy boy”, tossing crumpled paper into the trash basket- what a Hoot!, but aside from that, your little journals are Fabulous as are the fold out maps ones!; Wowee Nancy!
    Each time I see the new stuff you are doing, I am RE- Amazed all over again. :D

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth! I’m not entirely on board with Mr Lazy Boy representing Modern Miniature Succulents + Sundries, but as my mother used to say, it takes all kinds to make a world. I’m very glad you like and find delight in the wee journals :)

  2. Barbara W. says:

    I was mulling over the idea of a concertina-type fold, but I like the gatefold option a lot. Last evening I was pulling out old road maps – imagine my delight at finding a “Nancy” in northern France! I can hardly wait for my kit to arrive many ideas.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      BW, concertina or gatefold, both work. It’s more about the reveal, yeah? Of course, being named Nancy, even in California, I knew about the French city. I have agonized my entire life about why it was so named and how it is pronounced. In junior high school French class, my teacher assigned me my “French” name: Simone. Qu’est ce que? Nevertheless, it never put me off map love. May your ideas be bountiful. I am sending you a flotilla of pages to expound upon. xox

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Not too cool, Pepper, just right :) And thank you. I think the resonance must be because you are deep into your own sketch book, and that can only mean great things are coming. xox

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