Maps Variation


Like many others, I love pretty much everything about maps, for many reasons and in many ways. Soon after I finished the first round of sketchbooks, I thought about the iconic appeal of a road atlas, and built a few from an old spiral-bound Michelin North America volume I had on hand.

I experimented with covers and endpapers until arriving at this version of the classic sketchbook.


With a road map cover over mint green cardstock.


Graphically chosen road map endpapers bound to the blank cream pages.


And all those invitational blank pages, awaiting your expression.


I *wish* I had thought of this option before I listed the sketchbook kits over at MMS+S; I like it that much, and will be adding it to the shop. For those of you who have already ordered sketchbook kits — thank you! — please message me if maps appeal and I’ll send you the components to add to your kits. Then we’ll all be happy and mappy!


17 thoughts on “Maps Variation

  1. brae says:

    Love! :D I have a stationary set made from old maps and topographical charts — paper in different sizes and envelopes.

  2. Nancy Bristow says:

    I love journals and maps and would like both! Fairfax, VA if you please;) I will be ordering momentarily. I want your new kit on hand for those “rainy days” that I know will plague me before I can get my gardens squared away. :)

  3. Jodi Hippler says:

    Nancy you are one original “G” – g for geek that is! The hubs and I are also map lovers and have way too many around the house. None in mini tho, so I just need to have one of these! One more thought – have you tried printing miniature puzzles? My machine gets pretty unreliable with things smaller than about 1/4″.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      I proudly claim our lineage, Jodi :)
      As for miniature puzzles, early on I did a test cut for Pepper from MitchyMooMiniatures, who has a keen interest in them. Sub-optimal results, although we did not explore it fully. So many variables to crosscheck :/
      I’ve had mostly good miniature results with the Cricut Explore Air so far, with a few noticeable, seemingly random, frustrating, and inexplicable (hours spent with “support”) anomalies that I can’t attribute solely to size. Same as it ever was, we get good with workarounds.

  4. Pepper says:

    I keep popping in to see what’s new – deliberately waiting before hitting the Etsy shop because you keep coming up with such wonderful designs (and I’m trying to save on multiple shipping). Man, I loved the sketch books as was but the map covers? LOVE!!
    If you suss the mini puzzle conundrum then let me know. It drives me nuts when I can’t do something :0D

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Dammit, Pepper, I wrote an insightful and engaging response but somehow managed to mis-post. The gist was … blah blah… I’m only one person… oh wait! I remember typing I’m much better at generating ideas than at following through and implementing them. And then something something about lack of staff. *sigh*

      • Nancy Enge says:

        ALSO: I’m so glad the sketchbooks please you ‘as was’ :) I’ll email you about the jig saw conundrum. I think it’s time we try it again.

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