Cutting 1/16-inch, New Basket, Erosion


After trying several different 1/16-inch materials — illustration board, mat board, chipboard — I finally found a cardboard I can get the Cricut machine to cut all the way through (on the 2mm thick leather setting, five passes with a deep cut blade). Unfortunately, it’s from my cardboard stash pile, and I’ve no idea what it is :\ These circles will make an easier base to work with on the soon-to-be released round basket kit.


Here’s a peek at a new rectangular woven paper basket. Too bad the light is so poor; the two colors of this prototype are “Spice” accented with “Burnt Orange” and are very appealing. Still very early stages. Now that I can command shapes… ideas may expand.


Keeping things real, here in Northern California (in Pacifica, at least) we’re enjoying some drying out time, after a series of very wet, damaging storms. This is the remains of the already sketchy trail that leads to the sometimes-beach below the bluffs at the bottom of the hill. It’s the last super-low King tide, and a beautiful view stretching to the Marin headlands. Gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation.

10 thoughts on “Cutting 1/16-inch, New Basket, Erosion

  1. Barbara W. says:

    How perfect. (It looks like a little picnic basket!) The prototype process is quite exciting to watch.
    The news we get here said the other day that California’s drought has recently been reduced by 42%. That’s a lot of rain.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      The working name is ‘Toto basket’, after a random glimpse of a still from Wizard of Oz :)
      It *is* a lot of rain, and a bit silly of the weather gods to do it this way. The best news for the drought is the epic snow pack in the Sierras. I know it’s hard for some of you to get excited about anything snow-related, but there you go.

  2. Alayne Ferley says:

    It has been very enjoyable to watch the design process unfold! The picnic basket looks delightful and it will be a fun challenge finding items to fill it. Looking forward to seeing the finished products available as kits for purchase! You have had a lot of rain recently but think of us in the snow…currently -37C (or -35F) with schools cancelled due to the cold. A great day for indoor hobbies like miniatures! Cheers, Alayne

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Hello Alayne! I’m glad you’re enjoying my explorations. I’m so focused on basket mechanics and materials, I’ve given very little thought to their contents :)
      Minus 37C (or -35F) is just ridiculous. The concept that one could *die* just by going outside has always been… exotic. You must be very good at staying warm. Yay for indoor hobbies!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Many thanks, and curious you should ask, Elizabeth! I was pulling bits and pieces from Argo Wool Works to see if I could use any of them, and was struck by the difference in scale fidelity. All the woven paper baskets I have made prior to the Cricut machine are hand-cut, ostensibly 1/16-inch weavers. But when viewed side-by-side… I was amazed. And so stoked on these new baskets :)

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