Lime Spice, Liners, Soon, Stretch


Last night, I thought this color combination was a really good idea. Note my test markers in the lower right corner… I rejected better colors for the jolt of lime. Tsk. But all is not wasted. I refined the Toto basket handle assembly, and experimented with interior/exterior color differences.


Which led me to this, this morning. I’ve been holding onto this fabulous piece of wrapping paper for some years, creases, tape and all. With the sticky mats of the Cricut machine, I sacrificed precision of placement for precision of cutting.


Perfectionist me was disappointed, but do it me did something.


Basket liners! I don’t know why I thought the wrapping paper offcut would make a good photo background, but here you can mostly see three of the round lidded baskets, stained golden oak, dark walnut and cherry, with their new bling liners. I quite like the contrast between understated exterior and patterned inside. And, as a technique! I encourage you to explore.


The new basket kits require larger packaging, which necessitates a different form for the instructions and mailer. Here is a ’neak preview of the thing. The weather forecast is for clear skies tomorrow, so I’m hoping to finish the instructions photography then. And then, then, actually list them in the shop!


Finally, of course, Scarlett. I’ve shown remarkable restraint in not posting multi-daily photos of her adorableness. At almost seven months old, she’s approaching cat teenhood. The best thing to have happened to the harmony of our multi-species family is her access to the great outdoors. She still torments the two older cat boys relentlessly, but a lot of her alpha ways are absorbed in bug-and-other hunting and exploration. And she’s still got that crazy striped lemur tail.

24 thoughts on “Lime Spice, Liners, Soon, Stretch

  1. Pepper says:

    What a lovely idea – the lining of the basket looks gorgeous. The inside of things are so often forgotten but wow, love this!

  2. Keli says:

    Grand idea! The liner is fab :)

    I am in love with this basket and keep checking your shop to see when it’s available. I should known to be patient, that you’d announce it.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, BW. I now have a quest to go through all my paper collection — I have *a lot* — and test cut basket liners. It’s not at the top of the to-do list, but one I expect to be very satisfying :)

  3. Alayne Ferley says:

    The basket lining is a lovely finishing touch…the basket itself will be a great addition to many different scenes that can be staged in a dollhouse! Looking forward to seeing it available for purchase!

  4. Sheila says:

    Those look just beautiful! The colors! Just…wow.

    And Scarlett looks like she’s having the best time… sweet little mischievous girl. She’ll be going into heat soon so watch for that. You don’t want kittens when she’s barely a year old. We adopted two little girls when they were only six months and we had only a few months before they started to mature enough to where it was an issue. But they were both indoor girls so we were able to keep an eye out.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Shelia! A good set of markers always serves one well :)
      Scarlett was a shelter cat, and was spayed before I could take her home. (I think it’s the law, or common practice in California.) I have mixed feelings about it, but totally understand and support the necessity :/ I have dear friend who fosters cats, and she recently cared for a pregnant, 6-month old kitten, and her subsequent kittens. And bless you for adopting sisters ;)

      • Sheila says:

        Wow! I didn’t know they could be spayed that young. At least you don’t have to worry about it. Our vet says that cats who have kittens in their first heat tend to be less healthy. It’s too much strain on them when they’re so young.

        I wish mine were sisters. One is eight years older than the other. So they mostly just ignore each other. Cats just tend to find us. All five are rescues.

  5. Nora says:

    Ohhh I love the liners! The baskets look amazing. I am in awe of all the mini things you’re making with your Cricut. Mine has been sitting lonely for a while!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Cyd! I’m looking forward to trying out other bits from the saved paper stash. Sticky cutting mats make it possible to use unlikely bits productively!

  6. Megan says:

    Hi Nancy. Just discovered your blog through Otterine. I love your work. And I’m awed by the neatness of it all and your good photography.
    I’ve favourited your Etsy shop and added your blog to Bloglovin, where I read my favourite blogs.
    Looking forward to seeing what you make in 2017.
    Wishing you lots of success!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Megan, thank you and welcome! You have very good taste in miniatures, if you favor Otterine’s blog. I so appreciate your good wishes. The same right back for you.

  7. Nancy Bristow says:

    Hi Nancy…If you should feel inclined to sell some of your wrapping paper basket liners, I would love to buy 3 or 4. Even offset I find them appealing and actually would be perfect to line my 3-open baskets :) I totally loved reading that you’re a “paper hoarder” as I am too (and all manner of other materials). Non-miniaturist always look at me like I belong in a straight jacket when I see potential in all kinds of stuff they would simply toss in the trash. You know the look they give you, right?! *grin*

    • Nancy Enge says:

      So sorry, but that paper is all gone :( However, if you send me some paper from *your hoard* (and a stamped, self-addressed envelope), I can happily cut some liners for you :)
      And yes, I do know that look. My studio is a testament to the potential of many, many salvaged and saved materials.

      • Nancy Bristow says:

        Thank you for your nice offer but since I still have two more unfinished basket kits to put together, that means I also have a lovely template for a liner. I was just particularly taken with your tissue paper:) Right now I have a “special” piece of pastel butterfly tissue taped up on my wall (wrinkles and all) just because I like looking at it…the scale isn’t right for 1:12. Besides, it’s not like you need any extra things to do.

        A friend came over yesterday who is not a miniaturist but is extremely artistically inclined and when I dropped the 1:12 file folders in her hand and then the first of the 1:12 hen and chicks, she loved them and expressed sincere appreciation. I showed her the weaving of the basket that I had in progress. As a miniaturist, I love it when friends “get it.”

        Wow! I just finished my first basket of three from your kit last night. It was indeed a learning curve even with your most excellent instructions and illustrations. I totally had “operator” issues but I persisted and am pleased with the “vintage” look I was going for. I’m still thinking about what I will put in the basket…but Easter is coming! I will be posting photos on my FB page at some point and will hashtag you in so you can see finished products. Ha Ha…who knew the easy part would be the weaving! P.S. When I told my friend you were working on a “labeled box” to hold the file folders, it blew her mind. Then we speculated about actual labels for the file folders….

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