Rousseau 1:12 Mural First Cuts


I sketched out and constructed a palm plant motif in Illustrator, then reversed a copy of it to make the most of the painted papers.


Here are my first cuts of the pattern from two of the painted papers, flung onto the wall. I was working against the losing of the light (because hey, Game of Thrones). They will work splendidly as a middle background layer, when arranged.

Still undecided how I will stick them down.


It took me a couple of cuts to get it right, but here is what a (partial) painted paper looks like after four passes of cutting. Still plenty of material for hand cutting parts available.


4 thoughts on “Rousseau 1:12 Mural First Cuts

  1. marion379 says:

    This looks very exciting… wonder what it will look like in a few days, once you start assembling it all…

  2. Nancy Bristow says:

    I love how you share the “process” and I love murals. No down side here! At some point I’ll share my own very elementary attempt at a mural about 100 years ago;) I still have the room box.

    I’ve heard no cheering so I take it that Cricut is still on your “deep do-do” list?

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