A Drink After Work


Zilly and Stormy are having a drink after work (with Verti and Bouffi).

Many thanks to OCDB for the gift of the Janet Harvie table and exquisite glasses. Verti and Bouffi are from ValueARTifacts.

6 thoughts on “A Drink After Work

  1. Nancy Enge says:

    Tchin-tchin, Elizabeth. BW’s having J+T, the lads are having sparkling+lemon, and I’m having a tequila+sparkling. The bar at MMS+S is well stocked. What’s your pleasure?

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Brae, I’m sure you will be glad to know that all of us here in Nancyland and Modern Miniature Succulents + Sundries are responsible imbibers and would never, ever think of having even one more delicious beverage than is indicated based on our height/weight ratios. Really.

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