Humble Lighting, Cats


I got my lighting order from Evan Design: replacement chip LEDs for the under shelf, and five 3mm LEDs for the pot lights (3/16-inch brushed aluminum eyelets) in the ceiling. Look at how warm the “warm white” is!


And gah! Look at what a tangle the backside is. There’s five chip LEDs (the tiny red and green magnet wires) and five 3mm LEDs, wired to two 3V battery holder/switches. I’m posting this in all humility and baby steps learning. I *will* get better at wire stripping and making elegant connections. Because how I love learning new things?! Even though I cringe at being clumsy and awkward doing so.


Speaking of elegant connections… I went to post this at my main workstation, but found Scarlett snugged in my chair (and absorbing the under desk Dyson heater warmth). Of course I could not disturb her, so I retreated to the couch with my laptop.


And there was Albie, snugged into a fresh, warm load of laundry waiting to be folded. So now I’m arrayed on the other end of the couch, with laptop, phone, sketchbook, freshly sharpened Blackwing pencil, two reference books, a baggie of lighting components, and a glass of wine, all amid the piles of half-folded laundry. Same as it ever was,

11 thoughts on “Humble Lighting, Cats

  1. elizabeth s says:

    Your kitchen lighting is spectacular and your lead connections look a whole lot tidier than mine ever do, so my Congratulations!
    But how typical of a cat to nap right where you wish to sit and/or in the fresh laundry- too funny and so sweet!

  2. Marilyn Ormson says:

    Congrats on the second round of lighting, job well done. As for the spider web of wires…we all have them I suspect. If you want to really finish it off perfectly just add a false top and back, maybe fastened with magnetic tape so they could be removed for service???? Marilyn x

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Marilyn, and oooooh! Magnetic tape is a brilliant idea. I was planning on finishing the siding — the build needs to be photographical from all angles — but had not yet arrived at just how to do so. I’m already imagining hearing the satisfactory “click” of sly faux siding and roof :D

  3. Nancy Bristow says:

    I agree that the lighting looks spectacular. Pfftt…that back wiring looks totally sterile to me when compared to the insanity that’s behind my real life computer/tv/printer/CPU/surge protector/speakers and God knows what else work station! Seriously, you can stand proud on this job. I like Marilyn’s suggestion of a magnetic false top and back should it be desired. The “easy” removal and access is, of course, critical as long as Murphy’s Law exists. :) Those napping places for the kitties is a natural and whether or not it’s kitties or a little dog visitor, I find myself accommodating. My soft spot is completely visible as is yours!

  4. Bennie says:

    The lighting looks awesome! The photo itself looks like a photo out of BH&G magazine. You have smart kitties.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Smart is debatable, but cats always know where the warmest (and coolest) places are in any given environment. Glad you like the lighting! It’s being created under the most inexperienced possible circumstances. So maybe I can aspire to House Beautiful?

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