Studio Cat, It Has Begun


I’m going to lead with this pic of Scarlett, lest you think she only haunts my endeavors. Here she is at the control center of Brian’s studio, enjoying the warmth of electronic musical components, and inexplicably enduring loud sounds and buzzing. Purple and contented.


Last night, we had freak thunder and lightening storms, which drove all cats inside. I had dismantled the Sea House Pavilion build earlier, in preparation for the remodel. What better way to begin aging and distressing the various parts than to allow wet cats to regain their composures lounging about the structures? The roof cradle was their favorite for grooming (not pictured), and I can only hope a natural, organic weathering effect is underway.


I used pliers and my fingers to yank all the cut silk and preserved moss foliage off the base. It was a major effort, and took a couple of goes. The whole build was constructed in three detachable parts: base, pavilion, roof. I also removed the back arched brick wall remains. Not sure if I’ll re-incorporate it into the new structure — sea level rise does take its toll. I remember it was part of the backstory of the Sea House Pavilion, and I do love combining old and new. That sense of place, the evocation of those who came before us, even as we go about our contemporary lives. We’ll see what happens.


11 thoughts on “Studio Cat, It Has Begun

  1. elizabeth s says:

    ‘The first cut is the deepest’, as they say and seeing the dismantling of the original structure to make way for the new, is a bit traumatic, however now that you have begun in earnest, there is no turning back- so onward and upwards!!! :D

    • Nancy Enge says:

      So very true, Elizabeth! Once I had decided, it was not all that difficult. I am loving doing the research and brainstorming, and have begun collecting materials for possible use. Onwards and upwards!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Hmmmm. Currently there will not be very much shore, and I’m thinking a squatter/survivalist might have a very different idea of what “treasure” is. Now I need to go take a foggy walk on the beach for some inspiration :)

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