Decorations, Sketchbook


The latest issue of the newsletter Cut, Fold+Make is out. If you missed this month, the sign up is over on the right. It’s a short curated list of ideas and links that inspire and support creative practice.


There’s a fun suggestion for a miniature paper garland, and first looks at the new sketchbook kit.


Possibly what’s most adorable is the ephemera pocket on the inside back cover. They’re  available as kits now over at MMS+S in iconic black cover, kraft, as well as the Warm colorway (orange, yellow and gray) of the Office Essentials line of organizers.

It is spring!


12 thoughts on “Decorations, Sketchbook

    • Nancy Enge says:

      I know garlands and bunting and banners are currently de facto decor, and for good reason. I want to make several more to criss-cross MMS+S :)
      Viva la round corners!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      You need a cutting machine! Then you too could make la round corners ;)
      Or just wait a few more days and get one of the kits or finished books.
      Thanks, Keli.

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