Where I’m At


Between my good fortune of building MagnaTiles by the first warm light of morning with a four-year-old adept…


… and extended bouts of staring at the walls, change is ahand and afoot here in Nancyland, in the best possible way. The Office Essentials suite of kits over at MMS+S is still imminent, plus of course I still keep thinking up more essentials — the quintessential journal?! — and wait, a graceful, worthwhile pencil cup! But, and so you see. However. The newest edition of the inspirational newsletter Cut, Fold + Make is about to be released, and I think the wee pencil cup plans will be the giveaway. Please sign up if you’ve not already.

You know that feeling of being drawn in several different directions, all good, all at once? A bounty of opportunity and satisfaction. I choose this way :)

6 thoughts on “Where I’m At

  1. Barbara W. says:

    All sounds well in Nancyland. The Magna-Tiles have me wanting a job toy testing (while Radiohead plays in the background). Tiny journals sound very, very good!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Nancyland is topsy-turvy, but we are trying out new coping skills!
      MagnaTiles are a new-fangled thing I have warmed to and now embrace. The combination of skillful design, flawless execution and minimalist esthetic make these a wonderful, open-ended construction toy best demonstrated by probably an under-5-year old. Ideal for open-ended imaginations and evolving story lines, shared by all ages.
      I’ve spent a good part of the day on the tiny journals, but have come up against a bizarre anomaly of machine vs. true measurement, and wtf. The protos are very satisfying and I think easily worthwhile, but there’s something awry in Cricutown.

  2. Bennie says:

    You’ve been quiet so you must be busy. I’ve never heard of those tiles but then again I don’t have any kids. ;)

    Looking forward to more of your mini posts.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      I have been quiet, and busy, and I’m charmed you have the grace to notice, Bennie. MagnaTiles are new to me also, but are a very cool, open-ended construction system that model basic geometric principles, and are very satisfying to play with.
      I, too, am looking forward to posting about my miniature explorations, both with catch up and new forays. Thanks for hanging out :)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      I think there must have been similar inspiration in both of these endeavors. What I like about MagnaTiles is observing the developmental inspiration and proficiency of a beginning learner to master and improvise, through repetition and improvisation, the creative building of structures and stories. You know, just like us.
      And oh so pretty in the sun.

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