Couch, Mounds, Stripes, Sea Wall Fail

couch_022816So happy with the results from the first of Kris Compas’s new line of kits, the Lisa Sofa. The micro-check fabric is cut from a thrift store-sourced man’s shirt. I used three strands of DMC floss to make the piping.


This was the couch last night. I thought I was going to use yellow piping — having also considered tomato red, plum, pumpkin and bright olive green — then opted for the charcoal gray. Keeps more options open for pillows and stuff.


The kit comes with unpainted cute fat feet. I used the aubergine acrylic the first set of doors was stained. The feet are not blurry in real life.

I am a bit surprised how well this curvy couch works on the covered porch. I had intended to use a sleek modern couch, upholstered in wool. Alternately, I have an old Houseworks Chippendale sofa kit, the one with the squiggly back. If I can find the right scale silk brocade, or maybe a fantastic Paisley man’s tie… then the wood base and legs could be yellow… The deadline for this build-along project is September 26. I don’t have to decide now :)


I cut slices of styrofoam eggs to build up areas of the ground and glued them to the project board.


I mixed thick glue and Ceramcoat “Trail Tan” and coated the mounds and surrounding area, then sprinkled on a fine sand/tea mixture. Still drying. In addition to farming wool, Argo Wool Works also grows lavender. There will be lots of it, as well as California poppies and succulents. I found this awesome echeveria tutorial from Annie Christensen of We Love Miniatures. Very excited to begin propagating.


Small progress on the Yipes, Stripes Meets Checks rug.


End of day Friday, B left work early and we went down to Sharp Park to watch the waves. We walked out onto the pier, and then along the esplanade. This is where a sink hole opened up in the sea wall a few storms ago. There used to be about eight more feet of walkway there. The sun was setting and there was a blowing mist in the air from the waves. A somber view of the ocean’s power.

Also, viewed together, the Yipes, Stripes rug and this photo have a certain commonality.

12 thoughts on “Couch, Mounds, Stripes, Sea Wall Fail

  1. Barbara W. says:

    Fantastic work on the sofa! The checks line up perfectly and I love the chubby purple feet. (I know, “aubergine”. (But try singing “Aubergine Rain” or “Aubergine Haze”.) What colour brocade or paisley are you considering?

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, BW. I can only think “multi” for the brocade or Paisley. The Chippendale sofa would be an excellent entrée to a custom high-count needlepoint fabric but, I fear I don’t have enough lifetime this time around to do it. Because aubergine haze is in my brain, and lately, things don’t seem the same. Purple rain is a whole different story. And please excuse me while I kiss the sky. Here in Northern California, it’s a thing we routinely do :D

  2. Keli says:

    Want to leave a clever comment, but haven’t had coffee yet. Nice progress, like everything. Confused now by the egg mounds, but assuming it will make sense when they’re planted.

  3. christina says:

    Another instance where the choice of fabric makes all the difference — I’m ashamed to say I didn’t give Chris’ kit much notice when she debuted it in her fabric but I love it in yours. I should know better.

  4. Bennie says:

    The sofa looks great, very stylish and contemporary. The pattern works nicely too. Great idea sculpting the styrofoam and the carpet is looking great, I love the colors.

  5. Mad for Mod says:

    Looking good! The sofa turned out great, I agree that you can do a lot more with the charcoal piping. The rug is awesome — great colors and fun pattern. The landscaping is looking good too!

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