Hide one’s light under a bushel


I wound up making six bushel baskets from Kris Compas’s tutorial. I used one-inch wood circles that I had on hand for the base, and after the second basket, redrew the pattern so all the uprights were like fringe, instead of individual slats. (The pattern is up on 1inchminis. There’s also a version to print multiples. Yay no measuring.) By the fifth or sixth basket I was getting a nice bulbous curve by shaping it over the top of a two-ounce acrylic paint bottle. Coopering the top rim was also much easier on the paint bottle form.

I’m working mostly on the new project now, but the in-progress Argo Wool Works Showroom is a nice bright place to sit and think and plan, with a cup of tea. (The ladders are by Sir Thomas Thumb, to be used to display hanging goods. I also splurged with the 2015 contest award and bought a scythe o_O)

Now I have to go make a 12:1 cup of tea :)


7 thoughts on “Hide one’s light under a bushel

  1. Keli says:

    The bushel baskets look great, I do believe I need one of those for the pantry in the English Cottage Kitchen. Thanks for the tip about the paint bottle.

  2. Susi says:

    Hi there, I can’t believe how far you have come already with this kit and it all looks fantastic so far! I still do not know what I will do with this kit and it starts to make me crazy. Thanks for all the helpful tips in your recent posts. Everything looks really great.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Susi, thank you! Here are some questions I ask myself when listening for ideas:
      What would make my nine-year-old self really happy? Or my 17-year-old self?
      What do I dislike about this kit?
      What are the good bits?
      Shop? Theater? Museum? Living space? Location? Time of year? Era? Architectural style?
      And I write and sketch in my notebook. I never know where it will lead until I’ve got pencil and paper :)

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