Foundation, Sideways


I’m about to go sideways on another project, so I want to catch up on what progress there’s been on the as-yet-nameless 2016 build. I’ve opted not to enter the HBS contest this year, and so will continue to post freely on this structure. This is a side foundation in progress, integrating the 1906 San Francisco earthquake salvage, which includes rubble as well as dressed stones, aka egg cartons.


Painted in a first coat of “Mudstone” with room for the support post.


I made one of Kris Compas’s bushel baskets from this month’s tutorial. Adorable.

2016-02-20 17.24.50.jpg

Here’s the backside of the build. I decided to add a deck off the porch to increase the living area. The main structure is not yet glued to the foundation, so I’m keeping add-ons modular. There will be more foundation elements to the deck, but I’m done with math and power tools for the evening.

Heading into a major multi-birthday month, which I believe in celebrating *fully*. It will include multiple three-year-olds. multiple 60-year olds — and others— as well as baby goats, cheese and fine, fine wine.


6 thoughts on “Foundation, Sideways

  1. christina says:

    The mossy footing shot looks fantastic — and I want to try one of her bushel baskets too.
    Happy Birthday, everyone!

  2. Kat says:

    It looks beautiful. The stonework pattern is very realistic. And the basket looks great. I was so excited when I saw the basket tutorial the other day. One more thing on the to do list!

  3. Barbara W. says:

    The little bushel basket is lovely – I will definitely be giving Kris’ tutorial a try. Enjoy your upcoming celebrations!

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