Yipes, Stripes, Stuff


This pattern variation appeared after watching 20,000 Days on Earth, a good, if mildly self-indulgent film chronicling memory, writing and performing — made unbearably, poignantly tragic by the recent death of Mr. Cave’s son, Arthur.

One of my favorite scenes is Warren Ellis’s recounting of Nina Simone’s backstage pre-performance requests. Many thanks to Austin Kleon for pointing us to this worthwhile talkie.

Then the next day I woke up and David Bowie was dead. I am sad.

I made a little yellow table from the stain test. This shot is for Keli.


I don’t often do adorable, but when I do, it’s one of Janet Granger’s tea cozies. I love this design (and the cat one). The only thing that’s sad is that it’s worked on 32-count silk gauze, and there’s more gauze show-through than I’d like to see. I might actually go back and do full cross stitch (rather than tent), or start all over on 49-count with silk. Probably when monkeys fly out of my butt, as Wayne so cheekily observed :)


And since I’m stuck on miniature needlepoint, at least until I start a new build, all you sewists, beaders and book artists should check out Thread Heaven, a quite effective thread conditioner in a wee cobalt blue box that has made my stitching tangle-free. A merciful reprieve. Because science! And, as their site proclaims, it’s non-petroleum-based, and vegan :) ? !


Wait! Everything just changed:


Looks like it should arrive near the end of my current, um, fierce vigorous fiery set of work deadlines, so yay!


7 thoughts on “Yipes, Stripes, Stuff

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Cyd! This rug is therapeutic to work on. I can mull over the projects I’m working on, or completely not think about them and focus solely on the up-down of the needle and thread…

  1. Barbara W. says:

    I like the little yellow table. A friend made me a yellow and blue lap quilt after my heart operation. It makes me smile, so I think you’re onto a good colour combination. It was very sad reading about David Bowie.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Very sad and very beautiful is a powerful combination. As is yellow and blue, and the caring of friends. How goes your treehouse plans? Might there be a tiny blue and yellow quilt draped over one of the chairs?

      • Barbara W. says:

        Hey I like the mini quilt idea! There are all sorts of ideas out there that utilize papier-mâché in mini treehouses. I may just have to branch out, no pun intended. May we have a (very small) hint as to the 2016 build? That lovely yellow now has me looking at paintings of Van Gogh’s house at Arles.

  2. Keli says:

    LOVE the little yellow table…and my special picture. *grin*

    My kit shipped too! It will be here Friday, I suspect, but, alas, I will be at the office this weekend…fiery deadlines here too. I have coworkers flying in from other offices to spend time with me next week so need to get caught up on my usual stuff….and my assistant was out with the stomach flu for a few days….and I’ve had to manage a new phone system install that is not the ‘plug and play’ that was promised (though my new videophone is freakin’ sweet)….and our financial software was upgraded and is acting wonky….and, and, and, and. I need a couple of days to sit down at my desk without interruption.

    Maybe I’ll stop at the florist today for a big bouquet of something bright yellow for my desk, to cheer my working weekend along. :)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Great idea! Flowers *do* make everything better, especially freesias. Or tulips! And a nice cup of tea. Later, a nice bottle of wine.
      Wishing you stamina and serenity with a healthy dollop of self-righteousness for working through the weekend :)

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