Stain Test, Yipes Stripes, Storm

Keenly considering staining the as-yet-undetermined exterior cladding of the 2016 HBS contest build this daffodil yellow from MinWax. Waiting for it to dry so I can sand the test pieces, maybe build a little table. It’s a compelling color, yeah?

Have reached one inch (2.54 cm) in width on the Yipes, Stripes rug! Contemplating adding a red in. As I mentioned previously, variations of the black-and-ivory motif will recur every inch or so.

Back-to-back storms continue to blow through much of Northern California. This day there was a lull in the rains, and the combination of King and high tides + storm surge was pushing in 15-foot waves without cease. Some crested 30 feet, and twenty minutes down the coast there were 50-foot wave faces at Mavericks (!) It was, is, as is said, EPIC.

Cats are getting tired of all the wet, though.

Here’s a slightly different view of the beach (and more of this month’s splash image).

7 thoughts on “Stain Test, Yipes Stripes, Storm

  1. Barbara W. says:

    I like the yellow – makes me think of Van Gogh. Do you have irises and sunflowers where you live?
    I suppose I’ve always thought of California as permanently sunny – those waves remind me of living beside the English Channel. Turns out cats aren’t much into snow and cold either.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      We have *all the flowers* where we live, BW :) California is a big place; we also have all the weathers. And there’s marked differences, geographically and socially, between northern and southern California, and coastal, valley, desert, mountain…
      Glad you like the yellow. I’ll most likely go with a dark gray or deep blue metal roof, and those are two of my fav color combos.

  2. Keli says:

    I love the yellow :)

    I wore yellow every day my senior year of high school….even had a pair of yellow reeboks. My bedroom was painted yellow and I had a yellow comforter on my waterbed. I Haven’t worn it much since, or used it in my home. I should, again; high school was a long time ago.

    One of the bedrooms in my daughter’s little stone house is painted that shade of yellow you’re using. When we close up the house to leave I go back to that room to shut the light off, only the light isn’t on, it’s the sunshine coming in the windows and reflecting off the walls. It makes me smile every time.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Well then! Yellow has spoken: we need the light, and the smiles :D (Did you also like the band Yello?) Oh yeah.
      When I chose the color from the printed chart in the hardware store it was called “Mustard”. But when I copied the page link from the MinWax site it had become “Daffodil”. Nice transformation, Yellow!

  3. Keli says:

    Oh yeah! This sounds very familiar…as in, I believe my husband has a couple of their LPs in his collection.


  4. Keli says:

    Husband says I didn’t recognize the name because he calls them Yell Hello, which was basis of their name, blah, blah, blah, blah…..I think he’s still in the kitchen spewing every detail he knows, but only the Keurig is listening, now.

    He still refers to No-Man as No Man Is An Island (Except The Isle Of Man), which they shortened almost immediately.

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