Adorable Elephant Backside

Here’s one side of Janet Granger’s adorable elephant tea cozy (teacosy). Stitched on 32-count silk gauze with Anchor stranded cotton, it will be 1.5 x 1.125 inches (4 x 3 cm) when finished. If I do (someday) make one on 49-count, at 49 x 36 stitches it would be… like an inch wide by less than that tall. Might be just too much cuteness packed into that small of a space.

And the deadlines, how brightly they burn!

Yipes, Stripes, Stuff

This pattern variation appeared after watching 20,000 Days on Earth, a good, if mildly self-indulgent film chronicling memory, writing and performing — made unbearably, poignantly tragic by the recent death of Mr. Cave’s son, Arthur.

One of my favorite scenes is Warren Ellis’s recounting of Nina Simone’s backstage pre-performance requests. Many thanks to Austin Kleon for pointing us to this worthwhile talkie.

Then the next day I woke up and David Bowie was dead. I am sad.

I made a little yellow table from the stain test. This shot is for Keli.

I don’t often do adorable, but when I do, it’s one of Janet Granger’s tea cozies. I love this design (and the cat one). The only thing that’s sad is that it’s worked on 32-count silk gauze, and there’s more gauze show-through than I’d like to see. I might actually go back and do full cross stitch (rather than tent), or start all over on 49-count with silk. Probably when monkeys fly out of my butt, as Wayne so cheekily observed :)

And since I’m stuck on miniature needlepoint, at least until I start a new build, all you sewists, beaders and book artists should check out Thread Heaven, a quite effective thread conditioner in a wee cobalt blue box that has made my stitching tangle-free. A merciful reprieve. Because science! And, as their site proclaims, it’s non-petroleum-based, and vegan :) ? !

Wait! Everything just changed:

Looks like it should arrive near the end of my current, um, fierce vigorous fiery set of work deadlines, so yay!