Z: Eyes on the Prize


Z is for eyezzz on the prizzze.

You can take a hundred pictures of the same thing, as I do, and five of them might be true. Living on the edge of a continent facing due west, with a view of the horizon, I find joy in this vista every single day. This is the prize.

This also concludes my ABChallenge, with a final nod to Dr Seuss’s On Beyond Zebra —one of the most personally influential books I’ve ever read. (I wrote about it here.)



Speaking of prizes, here is the official, distinguished Certificate of Distinction for you poets to download and laminate and proudly display. Fond regards for all who haiku’d their X hip hardware puzzle answers.

This is meaningful
Hope I spelled all the words right
And that you like fish


Keli sent these giant pill capsule highlighters, which still make me laugh. The only thing better than miniatures are giant things.


Scarlett finds it comfortably convenient that we got a new 3-inch thick memory foam topper for the downstairs guest bed, which is where I’ll be recuperating for the next few weeks after tomorrow’s surgery. I am so ready to do this thing.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the other side.




20 thoughts on “Z: Eyes on the Prize

    • Nancy Enge says:

      So this is odd fun, commenting nonsequentially about a thing that happened, and also continues to happen. Thank you, Sheila, for the good luck, which is really just paying attention, right? I *am* resting a lot, and have embraced the “little/frequently” approach with good results. The medications make me crazy, but I am so glad to have this carefully crafted program to help deal with the pain.

  1. Shelleybweb says:

    Sending even more good thoughts to you and your surgical team, wishing you all an excellent day. I’ll be waiting and sending happy healthy thoughts.

    Hip hip hooray! (Corny, I know, but so appropriate)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Hip hip hooray is a good and accurate expression, with just the two hips. All good heathy thoughts were circulating around that OR, in intricate and joyful patterns.

  2. Marilyn Ormson says:

    Loads of luck – hope you come out the other side in a few weeks saying what a breeze it was.

  3. Luci garvin says:

    My dear…blessings for your recoverery….with all those four legged friends close by…they will keep you company…wish I had a dozen ..😊

  4. Elizabeth S says:

    You’ll be back up on your feet again in no time at all, Nancy
    A woman with your focus and determination will make it happen, sooner than later
    and may GOD continue to bless you throughout ❤︎

  5. Christina says:

    Best of luck for a speedy recovery!
    My 82yr old mom had a knee done last year and it was amazing to see how quickly we humans can rebound from joint replacement. You’ll be great.

  6. Bennie says:

    Best of luck, I hope you have a smooth recovery. Read lots of magazines, arts & crafts no doubt, maybe a few gossip rags, watch some fun TV, do your physical therapy and get back to good health and your miniatures. We’ll be here waiting for your future crafts.

  7. Megan Wallace says:

    Thinking of you, Nancy. Hope you are making a good recovery, but knowing your spirit and attitude, I’m sure you do!

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