Marion’s Cape Town Proteas

Marion Russek kindly sent some protea family photos from her visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town. Though the peak bloom season is from June to November there, she still got some sumptuous shots. I cropped them pretty tightly, and sampled some colors from the flowers for additional eye candy :)







Pulling swatches really helps me understand what colors are going on, and provides a natural starting palette. Many, many thanks, Marion, for sharing the warm sunlight of South Africa with us. Plus! I learned a new word: fynbos.

10 thoughts on “Marion’s Cape Town Proteas

  1. Megan says:

    Nancy, now you only need to learn to drink ‘rooibos’ tea (tea made from the leaves of a certain type of fynbos), and you will be a South African! Aren’t the flowers beautiful. I live far inland, and although we get some varieties of protea that grow here, by far the most beautiful ones can be found in the Cape.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Curious! I was actually sipping a rooibos blend tea as I was working with Marion’s photos. Now I think I’ll have to make it a ritual for this project, to help channel protea spirit :)
      I feel fortunate to live in a climate where proteas are cultivated and flourish. I’d love to see them growing wild!

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