Pavilion Remodel: Kitchen Progress


This is the first time I’ve ever made fake “fixed door” cabinets, and I confess I feel like I cheated to achieve a look, and/or once again betrayed my core values for the sake of… <fill_in_the_blank>

However, I really do have a bigger picture for this set/build, so faux kitchen doors and drawers are just fine. I am more than pleased with the ELF sink, tap, handles and two-burner electric stovetop. After futzing with the door/drawer front layout in Illustrator, I cut all the pieces from a single length of eggshell white-stained basswood with pretty grain. I sanded the “opening” edges ever-so-slightly to distinguish, and made templates to drill for the ELF handles. Using pliers to gently make the handles fit helped a lot.

I’m still considering the lighting/windows/shelving/roof design of this module. I know, that’s a lot to still be figuring out at this stage, and welcome to my world. I’m off to Santa Cruz for a few days tomorrow, so I’ll have some good thinking time on my drive to ideate.

Also, the perfect mug and plate on the countertop is from Keli’s friend April Wright, a miniature ceramicist working in 1:12 scale.

12 thoughts on “Pavilion Remodel: Kitchen Progress

  1. elizabeth s says:

    The kitchenette looks both Beautiful and Functional Nancy and even if the doors/drawers are not operational, they give Every Appearance that they ARE and that there are times, when you Do have to “Fake it when you Make it!” ;D

  2. Sheila says:

    Honestly I like how they look. Having opening cabinets can sometimes be more of a pain than they’re worth. These look crisp and realistic and fool the eye, which is kind of the point right?

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Sheila! I’m of two minds on this point. I *really* love working miniatures, and the care and attention required to make them. But I also agree that ‘fixed doors’ gets the job done, especially when set building. Still…

  3. Marilyn says:

    We have great taste you and I… just used the same units in my project and as always, love ELF stuff. I understand the feeling of ‘cheating’ when things don’t open and I love folks who do the ‘real’ thing and even fill the tiny drawers and cupboards. I have never been able to keep a project… lack of room for two so it doesn’t make sense for me to collect all those things, visible and the put aways and then get rid so I soon learned to steel myself to non-operational furniture in the main. Love the look, brava as always.

  4. Nancy Bristow says:

    The kitchenette is coming along very, very nicely, Nancy. I feel your angst about that “working versus non-working thing” as I too, have that very annoying perfectionist gene always whispering in my ear but you are building a “set.” The cabinets look good; they look functional and since there is no dire need to expose the “insides,” I consider you home free.

    In case you don’t know, Braxton’s revamped site went live again a few days ago…and it’s fabulous. When you have time, check out the “Photos” page to see your name and my name. I was thrilled that he used one of my Yucca plants in one of his pots. There are some incredible photos on this page of some breath taking miniature work by others using Braxton’s items. I felt honored that I was among them using one of your kits.

    So, I exchange some show n’ tell with Braxton when I do something I’m particularly pleased with in one of his pots (generally using one of your kits or techniques) and I have to share one of his latest comments with you:

    “Speaking of design, I’m so impressed with the way both you and Nancy Enge use form and color. I’d like to put your talents in an atomizer for whenever I need a little spritz of inspiration. I think I’m more a craftsman than an artisan.”

    This comment has made my day. It is high praise indeed from a miniaturist who’s own talent is and has been off the charts for the past 40+ years in The Miniature World. Braxton may think he’s more of a craftsman but in years past, I’ve witnessed his artistry in person at “shows” and in classes he used to teach…like with two-sided room box scenes ~ in other words, a “set.”

    I hope you’ll revel in Braxton’s lovely comment during your “thinking” time on the way to Santa Cruz. ~Nancy B. xoxo

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Glad you see the non-opening cabinets that way :)
      And thank you for sharing Braxton Payne’s comment. It has indeed made my day, and I feel honored. His site revamp is nice, too. He’s even hidden the beginnings of a blog in there :O
      I’m looking forward to using some of his bowl-shaped pots in the new kitchenette.

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