I have long been a fan of Cavallini & Co. paper products, especially their vintage maps and posters.

I used their map of San Francisco on the underside of the Sea House Pavilion roof.



And their vintage map of Italy on the back wall of Loft 1961, my first ever miniature build.

Cavallini & Co. print on beautiful cream-colored Italian paper of a substantial, but not too heavy, weight. I finally found a retail source, Two Hands Paperie, that carries *all* of their posters — at the best pricing! — and invested in a supply of lovely vintage city and country maps.


Because we all need vertical file holders to tidy our bookshelves, and journals, folios and file folders made from perfectly-scaled vintage maps of favorite places: London, Berlin, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Rome, Paris.


Vertical file with file folders. (London pictured.)


The vertical files hold three sketchbooks or travel journals, as well as file folders and the new Vintage Map Journals with jaunty red bookmarks. The files are the same size as the solid-color Office Essentials vertical files, although of a different construction. The vertical files can also house the new Vintage Map Folios that hold fine cream-colored stationery or map file folders. The folios can also act as a slip case for a sketchbook or journal. It’s an elegant system designed to organize the shambles of your miniature office. Look for them real soon over at MMS+S.


7 thoughts on “DeskMess

  1. Pepper says:

    I like deskmess. It means you’re making something new and my ‘want’ list gets bigger. I think I deserve a treat *sits outside your shop and squishes face against the window waiting for opening time* :0)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Ah jeez Pepper. I know you know deskmess is a way of life. If only I was making finished items ready for sale rather than kits, my time to market would be shorter. But I’m committed to kits, and so. I’ll be making éclairs for my husband’s surprise birthday party this weekend, so… yeah, next week for shop things. I have installed ergonomic modern benches with very comfortable cushions, and there’s a tea kiosk across the street. And a wine bar. Thank you for your patience.

      • Nancy Enge says:

        BW, for you there is a map to a hidden-in-plain-sight nondescript door that opens into a walled garden, with more comfortably-cushioned ergonomic benches, a plashing fountain and, inexplicably, a large extended family of squirrels fooling around. They delight and amuse you as you wait.

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