Success, Failure, Success

I took the coast road down to Santa Cruz on Wednesday. There was a mad gale blowing, and pouring down rain, and I just didn’t feel like hydroplaning on the Peninsula freeways. Mid-week, the coast road — in addition to being spectacularly beautiful — is a good place to think, and I needed some thinking time. The weather was intense, especially on the open coastal bluffs; the road oddly deserted, and I felt alive and free, so happy to be on the way to seeing my baby girls (the little mama, Maddie, and the bun in the oven :)


I had this great idea to do diagonal weaving that occupied much of my drive, with the first project being an open-sided ottoman on stylish legs. After our joyful reunion at preschool, and snacks, Maddie and I sat side by side on the couch, she absorbed in an animal show on the iPad (special treat!) while I sketched out my ideas. Above you see some of the sketches, along with Maddie’s later commentary. And the next day’s failed attempts to devise a workable diagonal paper loom.

But no. I tried a few variations, redid my measurements, cut different spoke looms, wove this way and that, but it’s just too hard to do in paper, and not fun at all. Feh.


However, my notebook has been enriched with an almost-4-year-old’s visions. This is one of my favorites. So much going on!


Today, after happily spending the morning kitting and filling MMS+S orders, I noticed the supply of old presentation materials I have been hacking and re-purposing for shipping was dwindling. (Seriously, they are like 20 years old? And I’ve held on to them all this time? = paper hoarder.) I determined to craft new ones. Some trial-and-error, but I learned how to use the Cricut scoring tool (super useful!) and cut up bunches of cardstock that is too heavy for weaving (thrifty!) to make colorful new shipping inserts.

Heartfelt thanks to Brae and Keli for writing about the basket kits. Your esteem and influence is plain to see, and I am so very glad that you like them. In our tiny community, you set a standard of generosity that is priceless.

6 thoughts on “Success, Failure, Success

  1. Keli says:

    Yay, for girl time. I got a surprise couple hours of it this week with my little one.

    The diagonal weave ottoman is intriguing. Perhaps it needs a wooden or mat board subframe.

    You’re welcome. Generousity is a fine standard to share.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Yay for girl time, indeed! Whenever and where ever it happens.
      I’ve not given up hope on the ottoman. I’m thinking a standard weave can be appropriate for its execution. But now, I’m deviled by the idea of a door, making it more like a bedside table. Ideas need not be mutually exclusive, but what is coolest? Multiple iterations and models to ensue.
      But maybe first, the Toto basket.

  2. Barbara W. says:

    Such lovely news to read amidst the headlines of doom and gloom – all best wishes to your daughter and her family.

  3. Roterwolkenvogel says:

    I found your blog via Brae’s entry about your baskets and I might have spent the entirety of yesterday scrolling through your entries and making excited noises about all the gorgeous things you build and make!

    I usually work in a bigger scale (1/4 due to the dolls I collect) but I will surely pick up one of your baskets to build for my diorama <3

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