Basket Kit Progress, Bobo Fun


This was my desk, late last night, working away on the paper basket kits. After many pattern iterations, file conversion aberrations and test cuts, I had the basket itself fairly well worked out. I was thinking about basket lids — if, how and why — when I had an idea. I was too tired to implement it, but scrawled some notes.


This morning I drew the pattern and did a test cut.



And yay! It works swell! (Also, chilly in the studio this morning! My poor fingers.)


It’s a simple construction, very open to customization.


I’m thinking about handles now. But enough! I want to get these kits out.


For those who saw the item in the January newsletter referencing my delight with the typeface Bobo — designed by Jean-Baptiste Morizot in 2016 and published by Indian Type Foundry — I put together this logo. Each character in the all-caps font has at least three variations. So fun, even as an example of expanding your notions of what makes a thing a thing. (And it’s available from Fontshop right now for half price.) Check it out!

14 thoughts on “Basket Kit Progress, Bobo Fun

  1. elizabeth s says:

    Truly your baskets are going to be some of the sweetest kits and your painted prototype looks Adorable with your succulents installed- like soup and sandwich they are made for each other!

  2. Barbara W. says:

    Another great idea! I LOVE the yellow basket – to borrow from the lyrics of 10cc’s “Dreadlock Holiday”: I like it. I want it. I’ll take it off your hands. (Sure hope kits are in the works..)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Huh. All I can think of 10cc is “I’m Not in Love”. I’ll have to check it out. The lovely yellow is stock from Paper Source, which turns out to be a heavier weight than average cardstock (don’t even get me started about weight and basis). And, as it turns out, it’s slightly more difficult to weave, and I actually prefer the *average* weight for this project. That said, I will make it available for the dedicated weaver/colorist. Or you could just get the standard white, and marker or stain it your own glorious yellow. KITS ARE NIGH.

  3. Pepper says:

    The lids work perfectly, I love the design. And the yelllow is such a pretty colour too. Lady, you are on a roll! :0)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Pepper. I’ve spent the majority of this weekend weaving and iterating (between power outs — we’re having a series of fierce wet-and-windys) and listening to science TED talks :)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Hey, Brae, I’m so glad you like them! I compared these machine-cut baskets to several I made before, all carefully cut by hand, and these are much finer, keeping to a consistent 1/16-inch. This is what machines are made for!

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