New Echeveria Kit, Esplanade, Scarlett


There’s a new kit available over at Modern Miniature Succulents + Sundries. It’s a more delicate echeveria variety, based on an eight-leaved shape. Each plant is about 3/8-inch (9.5 mm) in diameter; the kit makes nine.



In other news, natural beach erosion opened up two large sinkholes in the switchback path leading down to Esplanade beach, as well as taking out more of the cliffs under the remaining apartments (vacant since January). It was so windy this afternoon on the bluffs I could scarcely keep my camera still.


Scarlett is almost six months old. Her extravagant affections continue to grow, and because she goes outside now, her depredations have eased *somewhat*.

Happy winter solstice, all.

8 thoughts on “New Echeveria Kit, Esplanade, Scarlett

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I have more kits to announce; it just takes time and available light to photograph everything. I am having so much fun!
      And thank you for your kind thoughts about peoples’ loss of homes. They were all displaced almost a year ago. Now the derelict shell of the building, which contains asbestos and other toxic materials, is poised to topple into the ocean. There is an emergency decree as Pacifica scrambles to find agencies to pay for the demolition. We all bow to Nature.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thank you, Christina! I do all my prototypes on white cardstock. These are outlined in amber, then filled in with lime green, and striped with pear (Letraset, now Winsor Newton Promarkers), both sides.

  1. Barbara W. says:

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
    Those are gorgeous plant colours!
    At the moment sinkholes are near the top of my list of scary things (along with creepy clowns and alligators).

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Yes, yes, yes, BW. The song haunted me for days as we had frost and chilly temps. (I know. I don’t presume to imagine what your weather is like, beyond unreasonable. Ridiculous.) And thanks! Part of it is the light — full on pink sunset — but overall these succulents are tinted with lighter shades.
      There has been conversation whether our path fail was true sinkhole… this was a constructed pathway, after all. But it was undermined and relieved of its identity by wave action below, and we all know tides, and waves, answer to no one with whom we might be able to have a conversation with.

  2. Bennie says:

    Everything looks so authentic.

    I heard about the sink hole in the news, sorry, I hope they can shore it up and keep it from getting any worse.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      It is totally an authentic husband and kitten, Bennie :)
      The sinkhole in the cliffside path was apparently caused by a broken drain pipe. The ongoing erosion of the cliffs… is Mother Nature. Which we all know there is no fooling, and is relentless. Thanks for your concern, Bennie! Esplanade is one of my favorite beaches, and much loved in the neighborhood.

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