Scarlett vs. Miniature Poppies


What have we here? A collection of curious upright items?


They must be individually removed and scattered.


My work here is done, except to watch to see if they move.


12 thoughts on “Scarlett vs. Miniature Poppies

  1. elizabeth s says:

    Scarlett seems a well-behaved and a sensible lass, and unlike her namesake, she is not predisposed to grabbing old radishes and/or miniature poppies from out of the “earth” and having them as a mid-day snack. But then again, “tomorrow is another day!” ;P

  2. Pepper says:

    You know you have bad ass building skills when your mini structure can stand up to a cat invasion =0P Scarlet is adorable x

    • Nancy Enge says:

      *sigh* Way to spin a ravening monster as a positive, Pepper :) The rooms are undressed for now, and may remain so. Last night she carried off a wood stool in her tiny jaws like a big cat after a successful hunt. My office and studio has no door… what was I thinking?!
      She is pretty cute, though :)

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