Yipes Stripes, Bottlebrush, Storm


Progress on the Yipes, Stripes rug: 13/16 of an inch (21 mm)!


The fully-bloomed flower spike of the bottlebrush seen earlier!


The ocean has been rearranging the beaches, again. That storm drain is usually buried! Sharp Park Beach, looking south towards Mori and Pedro points, in the pouring rain.

2 thoughts on “Yipes Stripes, Bottlebrush, Storm

    • Nancy Enge says:

      The walk along the beach levee and out on the pier was the most dramatic for me. Aside from being one of three souls out there (it was pouring rain), waves were breaking over the sea wall along the esplanade. (I did not venture there.) It’s been warmer; these are storms from the west rather than north. The combination of salt spray and rainwater stinging one’s eyes is energizing.

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