Yipes, Stripes!

First of all, my cat wants to welcome you to 2016.


Second, I needed a project to fill time and quiet my twitchy fingers before the next build. Although I fully intend to get back to the Animals rug, last seen somewhere around here:


It’s been hibernating in an old soft cotton pillowcase for like a year. I love this thing, but stitching it requires a lot of concentration. But as John From Cinncinati suggests, I need to get back in the game. My ideal project right now is something I can fit in between work, and not have to read or follow a chart. While still deriving all the benefits miniature needlepoint stitching brings me.

So I came up with this, sized to fit on the 49-count silk gauze remnant I have on hand. Behold, the beginnings of the Yipes, Stripes rug.


It will be 2.5 x 6 inches (6.35 x 15.25 cm) when done, using Gütermann silk thread. I’m making up the design as I stitch along, although variations of the black and ivory motif will recur. Feels good to be nimbling up my fingers again :)

8 thoughts on “Yipes, Stripes!

  1. Bennie says:

    The striped rug will look cute. The pattern can be whatever you feel like as the threads run out. The detail in that animal rug is amazing! I don’t think I’d have the patience for a project like that.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Bennie! It’s very pleasant to make stuff up as one goes along. The design for the Animals rug is by the wonderfully talented Natalia Frank, although I changed up a few things to suit my purposes. It’s stitched on 48-count silk gauze, which accounts for the detail. It may be less a matter of patience than persistence… I’ve been working on and off this beauty for a few years. It’s worth finishing, and I will… eventually :)

  2. Barbara W. says:

    The striped rug is looking like a wonderful piece of contemporary art. Does the community where the Sea House buildings are located have an art gallery? Just musing..

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Dear BW, I like to think that the extended Sea House community is a place where art is an integral part of everyday life — both making and appreciating it :)

  3. christina says:

    Hi Cat, thanks for the warm welcome! You’re a handsome one.
    Having just found out I’m ‘middle aged’ enough to need reading glasses, I’m impressed with your gauge (and fear I’ll not be able to see that ‘tiny’ again, lol). What a great way to use up thread remnants too.

  4. Keli says:

    You have far more patience than I. My eyes and fingers ache just looking at the animal rug. It’s gorgeous, though, and I’m sure will be worth the effort when finished.

    The striped rug looks like more fun, but I like Albie’s rug best :)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      The striped rug *is* fun! I wheel my office chair over to that desk when I get or need a break. Perfect antidote to deadline stress, and I can synchronize my breathing to the easy in-out / up-down of the tiny stitches. Sometimes I just count, sometimes I gently mull design or other solutions.
      Albie’s rug is one than has lived through many animals in various stages of life, and maintained an agreeable appearance and integrity. The walls of the original room it was bought for were a rich pumpkin orange; later we bought deep purple leather couches (to replace the compromised microfiber sofa). A good rug can hold a lot of history.

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