Fiesta Yucca

FY01-02_both2Two first-ever specimens of yuccas — finished potted plants, not kits —  will soon be available over at MMS+S. I’ve boldly named them Fiesta Yuccas, a taxonomy unique to nancyland, which means they’re not strictly exact replicas of yuccas one might encounter in this mortal coil. The leaf pattern graduates from a rich medium green to lime to sunflower, tipped in gold and striped with moss. The flat leaf pattern looks like a very appealing mandala. Sure to add light and life to your arrangements.


The taller of the two is slender and graceful, with three branching trunks. Both specimens are potted in Braxton Payne terra cotta cylinder pots. Of course.



The shorter one, potted in a slightly smaller cylinder, has the same three-leaf cluster structure as its taller sibling, and projects a powerful presence. The trunk armatures remain pliable and can be curved or straightened into most any form.

That I have arrived at not one, but two! specimens that tilt my acceptance meter to ‘yes, this is worthwhile’ is a tremendous achievement (she who regularly invites to tea the three-headed monster of perfectionism/paralysis/procrastination).

So that means I get to post a cat picture.


Here is our yearling+ Scarlett, sleeping out the very foggy summer on a side deck bench. Every time I walk by she rouses enough to meow some variation of “Mao, wow!”

I smile every time.


16 thoughts on “Fiesta Yucca

    • Nancy Enge says:

      heh, Keli. I wanted to name them the Spanish word for ‘mandala’ but learned it is… ‘mandala’, so that was no fun. ‘Festus’ is the Latin root of ‘fiesta’ and I considered that briefly, but it just sounds pompous. So glad you like them!

      • Keli says:

        But they don’t have to be strictly exactly translations of words. Mandaloo. Mandaleila. Mandalalaland. Mandaloogie. Okay, maybe not that last one.

  1. Keli says:

    Mandaboogie. All night long. Mandaboogiewoogie.

    I am sitting in a chair, in my garage, while flooring installers are laying new vinyl in my kitchen. It’s extremely boring out here.

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