AWW Sample Binders


A showroom needs sample binders.


I have never liked using wood blanks for book pages, even for volumes that will never be taken from a case. It feels like cheating to me. So I made blank binder book blocks to fill the covers.


I did not glue the accordion-style pages together. The resulting sproinginess will help expand the binder covers and hold them in the shelves.


However. Making all blank pages also felt like cheating, so I made one binder meant to be opened. I drew a simple grid on the pages and punched eighth-inch (3 mm) circles from wool felt, which were then glued to a spread. So expressive and tactile!


Arrayed in the cases and on the work table, with another samples binder, glued closed.

Here in Northern California, we’re having our first rainfall in seven months. The light is damp gray and moody. The cats are waiting out the storm in suspended animation, with one notable difference.


Before the arrival of Scarlett, the two older boy cats never co-slept, although they are buddies. This seems to have changed, as they unite in weary affront to kittenish enthusiasms. Looks to be a cozy winter coming :)

14 thoughts on “AWW Sample Binders

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Yay, and thank you, Elizabeth. Finally, something modern :)
      I tried wool roving, DMC embroidery floss as well as Gütermann silk thread to make samples, but the punched wool felt simulated the best scale appearance. I think it might be applicable to some other showroom signage and displays. We shall see.

  1. Barbara W. says:

    Wonderful details – I’ll take a sweater in the fire-engine red, please!
    We were snowed in all weekend which necessitated a fire and some hot chocolate. We have “three dog nights” in bitter January, but I hadn’t heard of three cat nights.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, BW! You have excellent taste in color. Perhaps I can felt a wee vest :)
      Huh, I always thought Three Dog Night was just a band from the 1960s. Love the meaning!
      Cats are useless as bedwarmers. Their mass and density increases in sleep and they become like boulders, pinning the covers in a straightjacket-like tautness. Do not recommend.

  2. Pepper says:

    The sample binders look fab. I agree, they are wonderfully tactile and a great detail.
    Love the photo of kitty cooperative. That just gives me the warm fuzzies =0D

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Pepper, thank you so much! I went through a lot of “shelf filler” before thinking of these… although the shelves closest to me in my office are filled with the Pantone color books :)

  3. Christina says:

    Reminds me of the sample books I used when I managed a yarn shop– you nailed it!

    Those poor boys, they have to stick together. Our brothers are still kittenish enough for fisticuffs but are mellowing slightly when it gets cool enough to snuggle.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      High praise, Christina, thank you!
      Scarlett has a ginger-striped sister almost as adorable as she, but… *four* intentional cats crosses some kind of sanity line, especially in a small house and urban neighborhood. But the lashing tails and whomping, thudding sound of her engaging one of the boys in play (or harassment) always brings a smile :)

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