Starla Argo


Introducing Starla Argo, a seven-point celestial, who lives in the semi-autobiographical North Coast community all my builds inhabit.


This is a first prototype and is not fully felted or finessed. I’m happy with the proportions, but want to try out some different construction techniques for the star rays, as well as highlight colors.

I also just learned about Paverpol Craft Medium, a liquid textile hardener that seems perfect for preserving details. I want to read a bit more about it, and then check it out!


The “tin” sign above the cubbies is this old yarn label I found at the Graphics Fairy, then tinted with watercolor and glued to a flattened wine lead foil.


The pair of porcelain sheep figurines on the back wall bookcases are feves from ValueArtifacts. For which I credit and blame our dear reader Barbara W for my growing obsession. If you’ve not visited the shop, there are some treasures to be had. The tiny fish pitcher on the table is from there, as well as the sleek white and black mid-century cat duo in the front left corner.

8 thoughts on “Starla Argo

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Elizabeth, I am so pleased you like this. I don’t really know yet how it will finish out — my vision keeps shifting — other than to invoke a sense of history preserved, with modern color invigorating the rich, tactile tradition of textile arts.
      Starla is an inkling of a grand project I have in mind. We’ll see how that plays out as well. I love that you see her essence :)

  1. Barbara W. says:

    How utterly magical! I like Starla very much..
    (The feves are rather curiously addicting, aren’t they?)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      It’s the boots, right? If only someone would make 1:12 Doc Martens, hightops, Frye’s and cowboy boots, I could shoe the whole celestial collective.
      And yes, the feves are addicting. I have to keep checking for new pitchers, bowls, plates, and “museum” pieces. Oh, and fish things. The “only one-of” vintage things. ValueArtifacts does seem to be the very best purveyor. You have impeccable taste :)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Oh please do! However, I don’t recommend needlefelting for the head. Perhaps the Paverpol craft medium? I also saw that Alene’s has a similar product :) Pixplz.

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