Argo Wool Works, Plastic Litter Collage, Scarlett


After serious depredation wrought between new kitten and granddaughter, I had to relocate the Argo Wool Works build from my worktable to a higher shelf. This made working on it difficult, and me sad.


Frustrated, I’ve moved it back to the worktable, and hope to protect it from marauders by covering with a dropcloth when I’m not present to defend it.


I made small progress with the lights.


And spent considerable time thinking anew about the interior.


In other news, the plastic litter collage is complete, and made its debut in the Pacifica Beach Coalition booth at the 31st annual Fogfest celebration. I noticed it suffered some depredation of its own, as it came back with some pieces missing. Seriously, who steals trash art?!


Scarlett is three months old, and thriving. Our older boy cats have resigned themselves to her presence, tolerating, and even initiating play.


Here she is complaining about a recent heat wave, from her in perch in another relocated (and depredated) build, my first-ever Loft (1)961.


Wish me luck!




5 thoughts on “Argo Wool Works, Plastic Litter Collage, Scarlett

  1. christina says:

    Cats and kids, we have both as well. Good luck!

    The litter collage is stunning. I keep forgetting the scale of it until I’m reminded by a shovel or pair of glasses. How big is it really?

  2. Barbara W. says:

    Inquisitive children and cats keep us on our toes. The new additions to the build are wonderful as is the finished collage. I hope loads of people see it!

    (Okay, I give. Chet Baker? Bob Dylan? Skid Row? Guessing the quote of the month is akin to trying to finish the Sunday crossword.)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Many thanks, BW. I’m sure you noticed the two feves in the interior. I have an entire post to write blaming you for my new compulsion and growing collection. And hopefully get others in on it, like how sharing lessens an earworm :)
      “I remember you” is a song written in the 1940s by the wonderful Johnny Mercer ( It was a favorite of my father, who died when I was seven. Check out the versions recorded by Diana Krall and Björk!

      • Barbara W. says:

        Thanks! I will check out both covers as I am a fan of both women. Feves are indeed strangely addicting, but I do enjoy my eclectic collections of feves and music tracks. Can one really have too much of a good thing?

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