Wanted some bins for under the shelves to hold stuff, and opted for a slatted crate style. I used 1 x 1/16-inch basswood for the ends and base, 3/16-inch for the slats, and 1/8-inch square for the feet. Here you can see my paper- and wood-dedicated pair of curved embroidery scissors. Very handy for trimming any whiskers from the cut ends before sanding.

I glue the ends to the base, and then use the upper and lower slats to square it up.

The rest of the slats are spaced in between.

I check to make sure they fit the space, with room to pull them out easily. Tiny casters would be preferable, but hey, budget. On the upper shelves are some metal canisters with lids I got from HBS/ It’s nice to find simple, well-proportioned things not all gobbed up with flowers and out-of-scale bad lettering.

And here they are with two coats of paint — the same California poppy color as the outdoor furniture — and waiting to dry before finish sanding, a light coat of satin varnish and soft buffing.

4 thoughts on “Bins

  1. Nancy Enge says:

    Thanks, Pepper. “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way,” said Charles Bukowski. I think it’s another way of saying: Simple is best :)

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