Sea House Warming Hut Roof

The rafter trim is glued on (although you cannot see it in this photo) and clamped to dry in preparation for the roof. Smartly, I also traced them onto cardboard to use as patterns for the living roof sides :)

With the addition of the back opening trim, an eighth-inch gap is created along the roof support, so I cut a piece of basswood to fit and glued that in place.

I painted it to match the trim and walls. I like how it frames the opening, and since the back is like the fourth wall in theater, a subtle window is created, inviting us to look in. In a non-creepy way.

The roof now aligns with the trim and roof support all the way across the back. I used the temporary brace provided with the kit, and glued and nailed the roof on.

And here’s a look in. Some gaps to fill and paint, and with the addition of the painted bins I notice that the lower shelf on the right is not level?! I’ll have to fix that when I feel like breaking something intentionally.

7 thoughts on “Sea House Warming Hut Roof

  1. Nancy Enge says:

    Thanks, Barbara. But remember, I’ve been working on this since January, mostly nights and weekends. And the most work — and discovery — is yet to come, with the interior and landscaping. Actually the parts I enjoy the most.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      I think for this build I’ll use preserved moss, grasses and the paper poppies. I also plan to try the preserving trick on lavender foliage. It is a good scale for the rock plants. We’ll see how that goes!
      So I guess technically it’s really more of an undead roof :)

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