X: Unknown

femur _closeup

X is for the unknown. Here is a thing. Do you know what it is?


This is a closeup of part of the surface. Because it is amazing. And I really want to finish up my #ABChallenge with quality content before the end of the month.

Leave your answers in the comments. Anyone who posts in haiku format (5/7/5) earns A Certificate of Distinction. Puzzling begins *NOW*.

28 thoughts on “X: Unknown

    • Nancy Enge says:

      You can do better than that, Sheila. Here, I’ll fix it for you:

      I’ve no idea
      Though it does remind me of
      A cane toad handle

      You are welcome! Your answer is oddly close. (My answer is just silly :)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      I wish it was true
      But a picker-upper thing,
      Though good, is not this.

      Kay, again, oddly, your answer is part of the bigger picture answer. Picker-upper thingies are fun and useful, and an oft-recommended adjunct to this particular X.

  1. Keli says:

    A toy tightly wound
    Must continue its clatter
    Until it runs down

    vibrant living cells
    bonding advancing meshing
    with titanium

    stronger together
    metal and bone return peace
    to long walks on beach

    a transformation
    of bright metal and sinew
    life begins anew

    But who knew
    pending cyborgs
    love haiku?

    I knew.

    tight tangles en masse
    twisty swirling writhing knots
    looks like ramen soup

    a certificate
    of distinction perhaps should
    be one of excess

    time zones behind you
    allow multiple effort
    awaiting response

    deep caverns for growth
    hide behind shiny surface
    cell exploration

    science is brilliance
    calm art of method and test
    freedom gained for all

    restoration revival

    patiently waiting
    titanium spaghetti
    to become alive

  2. Megan Wallace says:

    So glad I came to the party late. I’m Haiku challenged (for lack of trying probably) but I really enjoyed reading everyone’s responses.

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