9 thoughts on “Maker

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Yes, the software mostly works, and I have developed clever workarounds for when it does not, using the Explore Air 2. This is the new Maker machine, a surprise Christmas gift from my husband! So excited I had to show off :)

  1. Nancy Bristow says:

    How fabulous for you! The hubs did good. I LOVE tools. :)

    As soon as I regroup and get some energy back from dealing with a “two minute” set-up for a new small TV, I’ll show you what I did with a “folio” and a Fish Sketchbook. In the office, we knew a “folio” as a “redweld.” They had either a cloth tie closure or an elastic one. Can’t wait to show you my interpretation with bunka. :))) Oh yeah, that two minute set-up: WHEN PIGS FLY!

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