Legs, Mortised


Here’s an above view of my four table legs, with rough half-inch mortises routed. The legs are 17 inches (43 cm) tall and 1.75 (4.75 cm) inches square. Look at that beautiful end grain! Note my steel-toed safety ballet flats! What I am proudest of is that I set up the routing machine by myself (after watching an experienced woodworker, again, and checking my setup with our instructor). Also I learned some counter-intuitive things. Wood smoking? Go faster!


Here are my table legs in casual disarray. Observe the authentic surface of the high school woodshop tabletop, my trusty Moleskine notebook, and clipboard of important shop papers! Missing only is a true carpenter’s pencil.


First thing this morning there was line upon line of big waves visible from our window, more than I think I’ve ever seen before. We quickly dressed and brought our coffees down to Esplanade Beach. Here you can see Brian partway down the trail to the (currently nonexistent) beach, with waves washing the riprap and cliff base. The sun is just clearing the houses on the cliff, illuminating a 15- or 20-foot wave. We watched for close to an hour from various vantage points, with a view from Pedro Point, to Mussel Rock, and the Marin headlands in the far distance. Recommend as a good way to start this particular day.

4 thoughts on “Legs, Mortised

  1. Barbara W. says:

    What a view! I love living near water, but we have nothing like that here.

    I think you’re awfully brave. Industrial tools scare me no end, but then I can’t even get through the day without a vicious paper cut.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Vicious paper cuts indeed. They are the worst!
      The big machines are scary, but also an opportunity to practice focus and presence. And seeing the results is very gratifying.

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