RIP Starla Argo v1


I came home to find this grisly modification to Starla Argo, whom I had thought was safely ensconced in the Sea House Warming Hut, up on a high shelf. Here’s the weird part: nothing else was disturbed.


And there’s a lot of random stuff on the stairs and deck.


When I asked Scarlett if she knew anything about this, she sniffed Starla a few times, then galloped off down the hallway.


I found her lounging in the kitchen sink. Her head was bobbing rapidly in that cat way of gathering as many perspectives as quickly as possible to assess if I was going to use my big voice again, which is why her face is a bit blurred.

It’s OK. Starla v1 was a learning prototype, and I had notes on changes to my technique and her design. But I am going to invest in some of those upright square plastic boxes I’ve seen stop motion animators use to store their models for v2 and subsequent characters.

9 thoughts on “RIP Starla Argo v1

  1. Sheila says:

    No mom, I’ve never seen that doll before. She’s pretty. Can I have her? Why’s she shaped like that? You should ask my brothers what happened to her. I bet they know.

    This is prophetic… I got home to find my flower experiment, ball styluses, paper and pins on the ground. I swear our cats are in cahoots. Do you think they’re skyping to co-ordinate their efforts to make us crazy?

      • Sheila says:

        Thankfully the flower is intact, but I suspect my feet will be finding pins on the floor for a while. That’ll be an adventure!

        I cannot recommend plastic boxes (with heavy things on top or snap locks to hold them down) enough. My current project is covered with a gigantic grill cover to prevent… pillaging.

  2. Allee Moon says:

    Hi Nancy, I’m a new reader of your blog and I Love it, first blog I’ve subscribed to. Scarlett is so beautiful, you could never post too many pictures of your cats. I’m a big cat person owned by a blue Burmese her name is Angel and she is the Love of my life. She doesn’t tend to disturb my miniatures too much, she once ate a piece off a wall sculpture I purchased from an art gallery I was so upset and sadly the artist has passed. Also I must say you are an exceptional artist and so happy to have found your blog.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Hello Allee, and welcome! Thank you for your kind words. Adding a very sociable kitten to my miniature world has (almost) been as entertaining as it has been disruptive.

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