Napoleon, Poppy, Little B


Napoleon visited Poppy the Fairy today.


Poppy was surprised to get an international letter, and gifts! from Little B, who would be a Butterfly Fairy, in addition to her five-year-old self. A Morpho, perhaps? Little B sent treasures to share with Poppy’s other correspondents —so thoughtful! — as well as a jar of butterflies punched from wildflower seed embedded paper…


these two porcelain fairy figures, just an inch (2.5 cm) high, AND an interior fairy door from Firecraft Miniatures, because she was concerned about Poppy living outside all year :)

Sharing the love.



2 thoughts on “Napoleon, Poppy, Little B

    • Nancy Enge says:

      He is so delighted to walk to the bottom of our driveway, on the street where Poppy’s house is, with me. I’ve no doubt he listens — hears? — or at least wants to scent-mark all the things.

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