Napoleon, Poppy, Little B


Napoleon visited Poppy the Fairy today.


Poppy was surprised to get an international letter, and gifts! from Little B, who would be a Butterfly Fairy, in addition to her five-year-old self. A Morpho, perhaps? Little B sent treasures to share with Poppy’s other correspondents —so thoughtful! — as well as a jar of butterflies punched from wildflower seed embedded paper…


these two porcelain fairy figures, just an inch (2.5 cm) high, AND an interior fairy door from Firecraft Miniatures, because she was concerned about Poppy living outside all year :)

Sharing the love.



New Project, Poppy, Magnets


Work is underway on a new mixed media piece, large (for me) at 24 by 36 inches (61 x 91 cm). These letters are about 2.5 inches tall (64 mm) and being cut from foamcore.


Poppy the Fairy is being kept busy with her correspondence. These are two accordion books, meant for Ava and Aria to embellish, made from watercolor paper and simple punched shapes. That’s Poppy’s new sigil.


… As well as Ava’s name rendered in triangles, and another tiny sketchbook for Lynnie (at proper 1:12 scale). Her’s from last week was, um, appropriated by her associates :)


This week, Poppy made a two-inch square book to answer some of the girls’ questions: Can you do ballet, like me? Do you eat snacks? Tucked into the reply scroll are California poppy seed pods, because one of the things fairies do is gather seeds.


Inside the book are quick ink and watercolor illustrations with text. Here are a few of the pages, listing some of the things fairies do:




I can perhaps see a series, as my understanding of the fay way grows :)


Maddie Lou spent the weekend with us as her parents enjoyed a night in the City to celebrate their anniversary. Here’s Maddie working on a surprising and spontaneous new deployment of her beloved magnetic blocks in the sun room.


The final arrangement. Can you tell her favorite color is blue?

So awesome on so many levels :)

House guests, Poppy, Plastics


We had house guests for the weekend. Here you see a SW Ep.VII Stormtrooper encounter a San Francisco summer, much to the delight of her more acclimated traveling companion. The reflection in the giant TV is our foggy Pacifica sunset, with powerlines.


Poppy the Fairy was welcomed back from her nine-sleep vacay with drawings and correspondence from Ava and Aria (and Lynnie). In this drawing we see Ava and Aria and her parents, as well as the Fairy Mail box, with Poppy peeking out. I believe the green squiggles represent the recent landscaping, and a purple heart encircles them all.


Poppy is collecting her/his thoughts for response. (Ava is convinced Poppy is a boy.)


I signed the back of the plastics collage with these, um, economical but not un-fabulous  “unfinished wood letters & numbers” from Creatology™, which I think is a brand from the Michael’s crapstores.


Some of the drillings and and nail insertions into the quarter-inch frame for the Plastic Litter Collage were regrettably less than expert, so I am embracing the concept of fuckedup recycled materials, and will further intentionally distress — but not too much! — the frame, as I sand and paint, sand and paint, sand and paint.



Poppy Responds


Poppy the Fairy received these prompt responses to her questions from Ava and Aria. The messages were folded in half, rolled into scrolls and tied with white cord.


Poppy gave it some thought, and decided to combine favorite colors and letters and fun paper folding.


Cutting the letters from watercolor paper.


Protoype fold for Ava.


Aria likes pink! And bacon too! (not pictured).


Will of course make use of the scrap paper.


Both sides painted, replies written, awaiting final assembly.


When I went down to mail them, I found this appreciation in the Fairy Mail box.


Awaiting delivery. One of the things Poppy mentioned in her replies is that she is going away for nine sleeps, coincidentally the length of time my neighbor, who takes walks with the girls, will be away on vacation. Hopefully I’ll have time for some landscaping and an oversized Fairy Mail bin before Poppy returns.

For the record, Poppy the Fairy does not know what poptarts or bacon are, likes both water and parks, her favorite color is orange, and she likes pink the most in flowers and the sky.




Fairies’ve Got Mail


The still-vacant relocated fairies’ house has become a topic of speculation and delight in our neighborhood. My neighbor alerted me that the fairies had received mail. As caretaker, I brought it in for them. Above is a note from 5-year-old Ava, with a drawing of a fairy.


This is from her sister Aria, aged 3. Somewhat more abstract and, I believe, collaborative.


So I made a proper mailbox.


Had a fairy named Poppy write thank you scrolls in sparkly silver ink tied up with blue silk ribbon.


And installed it streetside. This should be fun :)


Retro Sofa, Fairy Surprise


The retro sofa made from one of Kris Compas’s excellent kits, and upholstered in silk cut from a gentleperson’s tie, is finished. The legs are painted a medium gold, a tone somewhere between the multiple shades of butter yellow and tan in the fabric.


For the piping I corded three strands each of a blue and gold DMC floss. I liked the variegated result more than a single color.

I love the design of the sofa, but I’m disappointed in my fabric choice. I now see that a simpler, far less patterned fabric is called for, one that does not compete with the rhythm of the sofa’s luscious curves. Oh well.

In other news, I walked out in the garden this afternoon to find that the fairies had vacated their backyard terrace location, leaving their outdoor furnishings and accessories behind.


A short tour found their dwelling relocated to the front southside terrace, an area I have been working on clearing of its irredeemably overgrown lavender, rosemary and other shrubberies.

moved_front_061916This is a street-facing, far more public location, and I’m frankly surprised. What will the neighborhood make of the new inhabitants?

And finally, a wee acknowledgement. Today is 19 June, or 619, which was my house number in a faraway sojourn, an amazing house in a now enchanted place. The *best* water, phenomenal night skies, and the site of epic revelries. To all of you who enjoyed Plain Meeting House Road, salut!


Fairy Incursion, Part 4


I sent the fairies a tea set, table and chairs and a candelabra from HBS/ It’s cheerful, but not really their style.


So I set to making some furniture from beach driftwood. I sanded a thin piece relatively even in thickness and silky smooth on the top. Look at the color of the sawdust! The legs are drift hardwood twigs, about a quarter-inch (7mm) in diameter, with holes drilled for the dowels. I used exterior wood glue and sanded the top smooth again, then applied a few coats of sealer.


It blends into the site much better, and looks like it might be able to walk on its own :) Pull up a champagne cork stool! Clouds are blowing in, and it’s nearly sparkling hour.

Fairy Influx


We have some new neighbors. I’ve not actually met them yet, but they’ve been busy, and seem a bit reclusive and perhaps, eccentric.

In early February, I noticed some changes in my urban back yard retaining terrace, which I like to call the castle wall.


A raised planting bed disappeared, and a rudimentary structure appeared.


Rocks and flagstone were relocated, and weed cloth laid down.


A pieced foamcore front appeared and disappeared several times, and then a front door!


The foamcore was replaced by MDF, and a gourd with a circular window.


What could possibly happen next?