Plastic Litter Collage


I added quarter- by half-inch pine to the back edge of the thin plywood base to stabilize it and add more surface area to attach the frame to. The plywood itself is salvaged from the crates I built to ship my builds when I moved three years ago :)


After painting the inside frame pieces with two coats of semigloss latex, I cut the two-inch ply lengths to fit and glued them on the base, butting the corners. I used binder clips to hold the frame to the pine strips and a flexible strap corner clamp thingie to hold the frame square while the glue dried. A first coat of paint dries with Albie’s supervision. Tomorrow I’ll tap in tiny nails to secure it all, then fill the holes, sand and paint, sand and paint, sand and paint. And hopefully this weekend I’ll have collected more plastic to call it done.

4 thoughts on “Plastic Litter Collage

  1. Barbara W. says:

    Great job! I read somewhere that most impressionist paintings were meant to be framed in plain white so as not to distract from the painting. I shudder when I think back on the vast quantities of gold leaf that we thought desirable in the eighties.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, BW! I’ve always been a framing minimalist, although I do have a few inherited pieces that just seem wrong to separate from their contents. Oh, and an enormous old chalkboard framed in elaborate gilt, used as a menu board, bought from a café that was closing years ago… um, like in the ‘80s :)

  2. Bennie says:

    Wow,this looks great! What a creative way to get an anti littering message across.

    Hi, my name is Bennie and I’m proud to admit I’m a tree-hugger.

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