Fairies’ve Got Mail


The still-vacant relocated fairies’ house has become a topic of speculation and delight in our neighborhood. My neighbor alerted me that the fairies had received mail. As caretaker, I brought it in for them. Above is a note from 5-year-old Ava, with a drawing of a fairy.


This is from her sister Aria, aged 3. Somewhat more abstract and, I believe, collaborative.


So I made a proper mailbox.


Had a fairy named Poppy write thank you scrolls in sparkly silver ink tied up with blue silk ribbon.


And installed it streetside. This should be fun :)


14 thoughts on “Fairies’ve Got Mail

  1. Kat says:

    Oh my! My little (of the same age) would loose her mind if a fairy sent her mail. Well done! You have now filled at least 6 months of chatter with their fairy experience!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      It’s not just the children, Elizabeth. One man stopped his car to speak with us, all smiles. Said he was a building contractor and often made “special” little places as surprises for his clients. He was glad to see he was not the only one who saw fairies :)

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