Plastic Litter Collage


I’m working on some illustrations to help build awareness about litter. This first piece (28 x 30 inches, 71 x 76 cm) — not yet completed — is made from various hard plastic pieces (not including recyclables) picked up primarily on Linda Mar beach by 14 volunteers, in just one half hour.

Thirty minutes.

Tomorrow we have our multi-site post-July 4 cleanup, and I expect to glean more than enough to finish the board. Sadly.

Collages like this are both fun and horrifying to look at, as we tune in to recognizable artifacts, both familiar fragments and unrecognizable bits of objects that once were ours, and that now litter and pollute our waterways and shorelines.



I’ve no intention of using this space — well, not a lot, anyway — for ecological education :) Just want to show what I’m up to and on about.

And encourage you to care. And make art.

14 thoughts on “Plastic Litter Collage

  1. Barbara W. says:

    It’s interesting how such hard, unyielding bits can combine to make something so organic in appearance. I particularly like the little plants in the blue area.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, BW. I’m having so much fun with this project. I pulled a bunch of the pieces off today that I was not happy with, and added some of the new bits collected this morning… Hope to make time this week to clean up more.

  2. elizabeth s says:

    This is quite a unique commentary regarding beach litter. You have made this collage not only interesting to look at by your arrangement of colors, but also because of the singular oddity of some of the found items.
    I LIKE IT! :))

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Elizabeth, thank you! I’m pleased you like it :) It is a very interesting medium to work in; the objects tell such stories if one has the ears to listen. I hope to encourage the eyes to see, and the mind to consider and reflect. And smiles.

  3. marion379 says:

    nancy, an artist is an artist – give her anything and she will make something interesting out of it :-)

  4. Bennie says:

    I love it! What a great way to make people aware of litter and at the same time make something interesting out of it. I hope it strikes a chord with some people.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      As do I, Bennie. That’s the interesting thing: what strikes a chord? At this point in my life I’m pretty sure I have no idea what that might be, only a heartfelt expression will do. And thank you. It’s a wiggly vision.

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