2016 Build: More Messing

Here are two more janky models of build ideas.


I’m really interested in this one, with the slanted roof balanced by a very large triangular dormer (is that the right term?) opening the main room ceiling. I envision zinc vertical panel roofing, a windowed front, and old oak beams, rafters and posts. Lots of reclaimed and re-purposed building materials.


This one, right away I want to add three or four feet to the overall height. And skylights in the main room and a tall fireplace surround on the far wall. Still liking the idea of a semi-enclosed porch and entry way. This roof has an extension running along the back; why I’m not really sure. No deck, leaving more room for landscaping on the project base.

But what I’m really obsessed with now is prefab modular homes, specifically the work of Blu Homes. Feast your senses and design sensibilities. I expect you’ll be seeing a lot of their ideas coming through this next build.


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